Monday, February 29, 2016

Rene Cycling profile and what she shared at Car Free Sunday

Rene with her road bike 
Being interviewed by CNA
Qn1) Can u share ur thoughts on the LCSG cycling commute trial and if that helped you? 
1) The idea of commuting to work by bike had been in my mind for sometimes. What daunted me to act is the concern of my safety in contact with some road bullies and reckless driver with the thought that cyclists are a nuisance on the road.
Yesterday car free day with LCSG was an opportunity for me to find out alternatives route via PCN to to my workplace maybe a safer option

Qn2) Will u try out cycle commuting? 
2) Yes but not till i am able to fine tune some join routes to shorten commuting time as the broken link of the PCN which requires carrying the bike up and down in addition to the number of red lights crossing under heavy congested traffic 

Qn3) Where do u stay and office location? 
3) I stay at toa payoh and work in the CBD between Raffles and tanjong pagar area 

Qn4) How do you find the overall CarFree day?
4) It was a good start. Glad that the government is listening to their people's voices. Hopefully this car free day trial can materialise to become a car free everyday where cyclists feel safe to commute anywhere, anytime on a clean and green city

Qn5) Can u  share how you felt about the event and on LCSG. 
5) I have cycled with a few cycling groups with different objectives in the past few years. On this particular car free day i have chosen to join a group with correct vision and a community mission that can make their voices heard by the government , the cyclists as well as other transport road users.
Yesterday ride was a good experience together with more than 80 cyclists (guess could be more) rolled off from the North.
LCSG cyclists were traffic abiding and with the numbers, i hope LCSG can make a different and able to help made Singapore a "LOVE AT FIRST RIDE" place for us, next generation and the foreigners 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Cycle to work. Its possible in Singapore

Its a feature about singapore cycling commuters who are doing this for many years. And also LCSG efforts to test trial the cycle commute route from heartlands to city in support of car free sunday 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Good begets good. Keep up the GREAT work One Service!!!

My buddy Darren have been one of the most on the ball One service app user. He makes it his mission to report the road/ pavement defects every time he sees it. With the pro-active engagement, he shared with me that the turn around time is very good and he was very happy. 
So happy that he actually took the effort to thank them on the improvements! This naturally must have made the folks doing all the thank less tasks very happy and appreciated. 
Here's his note to the One Service app folks.  
Thats what Darren wrote. 

I think we all want to feel appreciated and so why not say a thank you to the folks who have it a pleasant experience for u? 
Good begets good. It really can change the world!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why I support the SG Car free day

Screen grab from Toggle
This was supposed to be mentioned on Telly( around 13.50), and in a sort of way some of it was communicated. 
Many thanks to my lovely wife Kim who listened to my ramblings patiently. Summarised and translated it into this. I want to share it as I feel its very concise and why I do it. 
Taken by my friends as I represented LCSG to explain why we are pulling all stops to make Car Free Day happen

"我们参加、支持这个活动, 是觉得它很有意思,好玩、健康又能展现出城市生活的令一种可能性。 
就象拍照,换个角度就会拍出不同的风景。没有车行驶的马路,我们可以一起散步,一起遛狗,一起骑脚踏车,一起享受沿途美好的风景。 如果愿意换个角度看事情,就会有不同的可能性。 
我们会有三个车队,从东边、北边和西边出发,一起骑向集合点。想参加的朋友可以到LCSG 的FB 登记"

In English
Why did LCSG participate in CarFree day?
We chose to be get involved as it's a meaningful, fun and healthy event. More importantly it provides an alternative demonstration to city possibilities. 
It just like taking a photograph. With a change in perspective, a photo can feel very very different. So imagine with a road with no cars, we could take a slow stroll, hold hands, jog, walk the dog and of course ride in a really leisurely pace. That would feel so nice and pleasant, wouldnt it? 
If we can change our perception of things and try a different approach, we could have many delightfully different possibilities and experiences. 
Many of the riders have feedback to us that they would love to cycle commute to work. But many are also worried and not sure. We took this event as a good demonstration of showing the cycling possibilities. 
We got the more experienced/regular riders to lead and chaperone the newer riders to trial out a commuting to city route. These way, the good practises and safety know how can be transferred to the newer riders. 
There are 3 routes, from Bishan park Mac, Kembangan MRT and Clementi. The distance are roughly just over 10ish km and flat. What we hope is that we can help move more over that mental block and show that is possible to cycle to work. For folks interested pls go to LCSG FB event page to know more. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ride profile Eugene Wee

Eugene is a quiet, humble man but with a big heart and helps out on the LCSG ride. Its really a pleasure to showcase him and his family! 
Hi everyone,  I am Eugene Wee. 45 years old. Technical Marketing Manager at Semiconductor equipment manufacturer company @ Yishun. *ASM Technology Singapore Pte Ltd.
Thats me rolling at Coney island!
Fun with my family

"How do u feel about cycling?"
Eugene:  "It make me feel awesome!"
2) "What was the first memory of u cycling?"
Eugene: "1st bike bought and loss within 3 week @ Lakeside mrt bicycle parking lot!" 
3) Where is your favorite stretch to ride 
Eugene: "Mandai -- my b2w stretch! Its cooling and hilly!"
4) Do u cycle-commute to work. If so can you share the route 
Eugene: "2 to 4 days depends if no biz trip. Cck - Mandai - Yishun. Route below" 
5) Do you cycle with your family and loved ones. Where do you ride? 
Eugene:" Yes and always try to fill up the Sunday morning with leisure ride + breakfast.
End of the month, Sunday morning will be occupied with RfR charity distribution, mainly to let kidos involve and extend their hands to those who need support. 
moving rations to the folks in need
Keropok for LCSG picnic!
Ride route in the west - Bt.Batok nature park. Bt timah nature reserve, Sungai tengah, few to be name with distance covered approx 15-25km. Mainly PCN with less then 20 km. "
6) How old are your kids and do they like to ride? 
The boys

Eugene: " 9*Ean-16*Elton-18*Rachel. They love cycling and like to explore new corner and enjoy foods That's also include my lovely wife, Rebecca!"
7) Any advice for folks just starting out?
Eugene: " Safety. Safety. Safety. Learn to slow down means a lot! Especially when sharing the path. Everyone are EQUALLY IMPORTANT!"

Rider Profile Peggy Poh

Me and the famous Pungol lone tree \
 1. Tell me about yourself
- I’m Peggy! I am 26 this year and I work as a financial executive around the Raffles city area.  
Just an ordinary girl who loves cycling, and is always counting down to the end of work day especially if there’s a ride planned after work. 
My favourite route is to ride to Sports Hub, Marina
Barrage and MBS. Be it day or night, it is my favourite
place to be at as the crowd and view is different across
the day. Day time, it’s very peaceful and with good
sunlight, I can snap some nice pictures of the surrounding. 
At night, MBS is liven up with the crowded bars and light show right outside MBS. Further down, there are loungers placed, and we can simply relax there with our bike right beside us, and enjoy the breeze and lightings of the CBD area.
Rolling around Dakota crescent with LCSG 
2. How did you start cycling
- My late granduncle and uncle are the main contributors to my passion for cycling. My granduncle bought me my first 4WD (kiddy bike with training wheels) when I was roughly 4yrs old, and mummy will bring my siblings and me to the spacious void deck for rides. 
- Slowly, my training wheels were removed, and mum taught me how to ride on 2 wheels! I can still remember the joy (and fear) involved when learning to ride on 2 wheels. I eventually succeeded and got upgraded to ride on my siblings’ market bike.
- As I grew older, my uncle gave me his MTB which I still kept it with me till date. The bike is estimated to be 13yrs old already. However due to zero maintenance, the parts are all rusty and worn out, but still good for rides to the prata shop. I also used to ride this bike to tuition classes about less than 2km away. 

3. Why do you like cycling
- I like cycling for the sense of freedom and distance it brings me which is very different from jogging. Going further, I can experience much more. 
- The people I met in LCSG also made me fall in love with cycling!

4. When you met LCSG – How was it like and how you meet us
- I first came across LCSG’s name on the newspaper. At that time, I just got my first bike as an adult, and decided to search for it in Facebook. I was also looking for groups that I can join which are suitable for newbies like me.
I decided to practice cycling on my own (after abt 10yrs hiatus from riding), before braving up to join the LCSG rides. 
- My first ride with LCSG was to visit Eminent Plaza’s graffiti walls back in Nov2014. As I joined on my own and knew no one else, I messaged Taiwoon a day before the ride, and slowly made my way there. 
- Friendly Desmond Chia spotted me standing alone, and came to break the ice (which till date I am still very grateful for). 
- I was totally intimidated with the large group, nice and expensive bikes when my ride was an online purchase, and obviously the only one/type there. 
- But shortly after, I realised that these people are super friendly peeps, and whatever I ride do not matters so long it rides!

5. Your steel horses – names and more details
The bikes I still have with me till date
- Bumblebee - 13yrs old MTB given by my late uncle. 
- Xiao Hong – Hachiko bought in Aug14 and semi-retired in Aug15. A good <$300 bike brought me for 700km of rides!
- The Phantom – White Berry Crush Brompton born in Aug 2015 – present. 
- The name was inspired when I walk past a Phantom motorbike and thought the name was quite cool. Googled more and found an old cartoon titled The Phantom, and the character is purple, hence the name! 

6. My favourite cycling kakis
- Mike, Stanley and Edwin are my usual kakis and of cos many of the LCSG regulars whom I had a chance to ride, chit chat and la kopi with. 

7. What I’ve learnt since Day 1 joining LCSG
- Slightly more than a year riding with LCSG, I’ve gained confidence riding on road, and the relevant signals and commands for different situation. 
- I’ve also learnt many riding techniques and bike maintenance tips from fellow cyclist. 
- And of course the fact that, with just 2 wheels, we can go practically ANYWHERE, especially places not easily accessible by public transport. LCSG has shown to me how our trusty steel horse can bring us to enjoy much more.

8. Other things to share. Life motto etc
- In order to enjoy a downslope, you must first overcome the upslope!
Same applies to life. Overcome the obstacle and enjoy the fruits thereafter. 
- Ride Safe and Ride On everyone!

Fun fun every sunday

Monday, February 22, 2016

Rider profile Wong Wei Kiong and rides with LCSG

Hi all,
I am Wei Kiong, 45 and working as a technical manager. I've returned to cycling after 25yrs. Back then I cycled to my camp on a rigid fork mountain bike during my NS days. Can't really remember the made or model of that bicycle, knows little about bicycle back then, only knows it's got 2 wheels & got me to my destination.
25 yrs on, I'm rekindled to bicycle again through some friends in a bid to do some exercise for health sake.
My health was showing reds after years of hectic, stressful & sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits. I have tried jogging, swimming & other sports but none works. It's either too boring or difficult to work a regular schedule. Cycling I found is easier to start and the speed that it bring gives a cooling breeze and covers more distance to keep things interesting at a more comfortable effort without impact on the joints and strains on the muscles.
I begin to cycle more, from once a week, to twice to 3 times a week. Every time I look forward to meeting friends, discover new places and the breeze on the face.

On a loooong ride with my kakis!
Long long way! 
After 6 months, my fitness have improved even though I don't particularly keeps track of it. I lost some weight too. That makes me realize regular exercises is the key to fitness and motivates me to continue.
Now I have gone in cycle commuting and cycle touring. Everyday I'll cycle 18km each way to and from work. This my commuting route  for your reference and sometime I meet Eugene Wee (a fellow rider) to ride to work! 
My route to work
Some pictures over the last 3 years and how I have slimmed down with regular cycling. 

Lastly, food selection is another important factor. Cutting out on sugar and high carb food has a major contribution to my weight maintenance and overall health. The typical food I take now are high on vegetable and some eggs, butter, coconut, plain yoghurt and meat. I mostly avoid food with sugar and flour.
I find I have more energy than 20 years ago.

On family.... 
Cycling have help me regain my health and I thought, hey, why not get my family to cycle as well. We can explore places together, to share those experience being engaged through a simple activity Cycling.
So I bought each a foldie and started cycling around the neighborhood and PCN. In search of family friendly cycling Kakis I stumbled upon Lovecyclingsg and we began to join their Sunday rides. The children particularly enjoyed the company and the variety of activities that LCSG organizes.
It has become a weekly activity and our fitness has improve. On top of that, there is a common activity and experience we all shares as a family.
Thank you for reading my story and hope this can inspire you to try cycling, cycling to work(if possible) and have fun cycling as a family! 
Me and family exploring with LCSG on the mural ride

Rambling with my kids 

With the nice folks of LCSG

Friday, February 19, 2016

Pedestrian first cycling pledge

What the hell is pedestrian first cycling? This means we will be considerate and exercise care on the pavements. We also acknowledge that we are at times, pedestrians and know that its not nice to be ringed at.  Esp so when u have little kids and elderly parents. The careless action (unintentional) could cause some injuries and further strain tensions.
This pledge is to show support that consideration for others will go along way to making our spaces more pleasant and liveable.  Thanks Wee Yeow for kickstarting this effort!
If you agree with the pledge, pls help to sign up and support this.