Monday, February 29, 2016

Rene Cycling profile and what she shared at Car Free Sunday

Rene with her road bike 
Being interviewed by CNA
Qn1) Can u share ur thoughts on the LCSG cycling commute trial and if that helped you? 
1) The idea of commuting to work by bike had been in my mind for sometimes. What daunted me to act is the concern of my safety in contact with some road bullies and reckless driver with the thought that cyclists are a nuisance on the road.
Yesterday car free day with LCSG was an opportunity for me to find out alternatives route via PCN to to my workplace maybe a safer option

Qn2) Will u try out cycle commuting? 
2) Yes but not till i am able to fine tune some join routes to shorten commuting time as the broken link of the PCN which requires carrying the bike up and down in addition to the number of red lights crossing under heavy congested traffic 

Qn3) Where do u stay and office location? 
3) I stay at toa payoh and work in the CBD between Raffles and tanjong pagar area 

Qn4) How do you find the overall CarFree day?
4) It was a good start. Glad that the government is listening to their people's voices. Hopefully this car free day trial can materialise to become a car free everyday where cyclists feel safe to commute anywhere, anytime on a clean and green city

Qn5) Can u  share how you felt about the event and on LCSG. 
5) I have cycled with a few cycling groups with different objectives in the past few years. On this particular car free day i have chosen to join a group with correct vision and a community mission that can make their voices heard by the government , the cyclists as well as other transport road users.
Yesterday ride was a good experience together with more than 80 cyclists (guess could be more) rolled off from the North.
LCSG cyclists were traffic abiding and with the numbers, i hope LCSG can make a different and able to help made Singapore a "LOVE AT FIRST RIDE" place for us, next generation and the foreigners 

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