Thursday, March 31, 2011

Japan, we are with u. Ganbaru!

Life is like that... if the problem is not in our backyard.. it is really quite difficult feel the trauma and the impact on the people lives. I am sure we have all seen the terrible destruction on our TV and internet, and if so how does that move u?  What do u think they need now? hmmm...tough questions...
Also wondering why I am feeling this way... perhaps it is because I have friends in Japan. Asaka san Toshi, Maki, Masura san, Nakano san and many more. Which makes me more aware of the impact to my friends lives...and I want to do something about it. So... we will be doing a short video to show our support for Japan friends on the regular sunday rides... Japan, we are with u! Ganbaru!
More details below.

And u too! can do a short video and photo too.. more here >>

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kranji ride - 27th March 2011- Photo account

Good morning Kranji!
I am 4 and I ride!
This is 2nd time visiting Kranji. The first being 17th Oct 2010 which we had quite a heavy rain at the start. My prayers were answered...maybe too much.. It didn't rain and was extremely sunny for the whole ride. Andy also brought bean curd for the riders at the start point. which was really nice of him!
spoke cards anyone?
We got new folks joining us like Kenneth who rides solely a roadie but bought a 2nd hand Dahon for Sunday rides.  Teo KL who rode his Raw Brompton M equipped with Carandice bags and Andrew loh riding with us - finally. I am also glad to see Bay, Eddie showing that cycling can be a great way of family bonding.  Impressive!
Bay Jr leading the pack
Riding to Kranji war memorial was easy... just 1km from the Kranji MRT. The hairy part of the ride for me was old Kranji road towards the Reservoir. There was so many cars and trucks on a Sunday morning!  Despite of the challenging road conditions, regulars like Andy, David, Clarence, Francis, Andrew help to create a buffer zone so that newbies and younger rides can feel more comfortable. I find that also riding as a group helps to create a bigger road "signature" which means cars are more conscious of our presence and give us more space. 
Bollywood veggies was the stop point for breakfast and I had their signature Curry and prata. This time the food wasn't as good, but the environment and friendliness of staff more than made up for it. Ivy also popped by to meet the group and very graciously gave our riders a free tour of the farm. After the meal,  Dillion,our farm guide gave an extensive explanation of the farm and plants. Really worth another visit again.
Hay Daries was the next stop follow by Lim chu kang jetty and then Armour camp tank. By then, the weather was heating up and together with the slopes, it was quite challenging for some... tongues sticking out...complaining and groaning.... Slowly, surely we made it back to Kranji MRT. Lovely ulu Kranji ride! Let's go there sometime again?

More pics here
Taiwoon photos
Francis photos
Eddie videos
City dwellers getting Kampong tour at Bollywood veggies

Hot and Sweaty, but loving it!

Andrew and his beloved Tank...once an Armour, always Armour!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tees Madness @ Lifecycle

Cool jerseys at cool price... 
Finally made the time to go down Lifecycle for the Tees Maddness sale. Lots of very nice bicycle tees from Getset, Morvelo, Solo and Peonfx.  Even got to meet the guys behind the brands and got to know first hand how they started. Very cool!  Speaking to HS of Getset, he explained that he just wanted people to enjoy riding more. One of the way to spread the cycling message was through Tee Shirts which made cycling look fun. Using facebook store, all the first batch of tees were very quickly sold out...much to his surprise.  He and his partners are now working on more design and ideas. One idea is called cycle garage. The concept is to help users sell off the spare bike which is is not in use and match it to another rider(who needs it). The good part of this is that u can drop it at Lifecycle and they would do some checks to ensure that the bike is in working order. The potential buyer can come by the store and see the bike themselves. Happy with the price , he buys the bike and they get a small cut. Pretty interesting idea.
Another person I got to meet was JJ of Peonfx. The products are proudly designed and manufactured locally. I am very impressed and took a close look at the workmanship and detail. It is really good!  Esp if u are a fixie rider. JJ also hinted that more cool stuff is coming along.. I can't wait for the cool designs and ideas.  Also got to chat abit and see Yasin and his crew of CAS..
It was really nice to see all genre of bikes at Lifecycle. Folding bicycles, Roadies and Fixies...talking bikes and looking/buying Tees. So do pop by when Lifecycle is doing the special events and be inspired by those who are already making things happen. Rock on!

Chris and friend..
HS of GetSet...and he is also iron man- literally
JJ with the "Official" Peonfx tee
Kids sitting looking at bigger kids buying stuff...

Watching iron man race with HS telling us real life account of the ride... all jaw drop...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kranji ride - 27th March 2011- This coming Sunday

Missed the last ride to Kranji?  I got alot of feedback that many want to ride this I am bringing them there again.. More details and register here!

World Water Day event 20th March 2011

Warm up before the ride - photo by Matt
Briefing the route...and Clarence is not paying attention :)  Photo by Matt
At least 60 riders turned out in support of the World water way event, early morning at Alexandra Canal Park Connector to Marina barrage.  Francis and I gave out the official tees was crazily busy time.. And after the usual ride briefing, it was a nice slow rolling start. Best part is that we did not have to stop at junctions, with the great support from the Traffic police to stop traffic. This made us feel so safe and privileged for once! Really awesome to see so many riders coming out in support of this event.  Thank you all! More photos account here by Matt  and here  -- Thanks mate!
New Alexandra PCN, Zul likes it! Photo by Matt
PCN -near to Zion road market  Photo by Matt
We got parking! Photo by Matt
Friends with bikes, Mddan, Ahmad and Zul Photo by Matt

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday ride to Sembawang Hot spring 13th March 2011

Bay and Junior riding along
Bay Junior
Gary and his Tikit
Tah Ching in Karate pose
Wai ling with dreamy effects from Iphoto


     It rained in the morning and we waited and lar kopi for awhile. then it stopped.. This made it a nice weather for riding, abit wet but really cooling. We also had the privilege of  Bay's family (in a motley of Brompton, Monotine, Carryme), Gary on Tikit and David on his MTB on this ride for the first time.  The route was the same, Sembawang hotspring, Simpang kiri(new PCN) and riding through the black and white houses at Naval base area. Turning back at Woodlands water front, we followed the MRT tracks that shaded us well from the afternoon sun. Nice and relaxing ride overall.
More photos here 

March oh March Fixie event at TR bikes- 12th March 2011

Booked out of the Army Camp and made my way to TR bikes to see some Fixie action around 5pm, with momo + strawberry bike in tow. There was quite a crowd outside TR bikes and I was so happy... until I asked... "when is the competition starting?".... "har... finished liao.." basket....
Anyway, I witnessed the prize giving for the fastest riders, longest stand, longest skid.... Judging from the cheers and ruckus, the guys enjoyed themselves alot.  Well done TR bikes and Bum .. I will come earlier next year!
the winners.. as Chris looks on..
go fixie!
momo at TR bikes

more photos here