Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dummy good rolling fun with kids

Just some photos of me and my princess riding with the cool folks of lovecyclingsg. This is the sunday ride which was kindly led by Eddie Lim and team Carrymes. Oh yes, we also ferried Cayla too.. .

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sahril, cool reggae rider I met at GHC

Was clearing up my Facebook photos and I saw this that made me smile. I met Sharil mid April 2011 when I was waiting for my daughter to finish her Violin at the area. Yes, I was at GHC "loitering" and when Sharil came to get his bicycle looked at at GHC.. I couldn't help myself to say hello and chat abit. He sure has a unique style and I like it lots. Who said SG folks are boring? So better post it on my blog to remember this cool dude!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Meeting Mr Lim at Punggol waterway

I took a easy ride at the nearby Punggol Waterway this morning. Riding the tokyo bike present by Wifey, it felt good. 
Toyko Bike at Punggol... 
 Rolling slowly enjoying the cool morning. Many were doing the same too. Jogging, walking and cycling. As I rode along, I met an old gentleman cycling slowly. I nodded and said "zhao ann" (good morning in Chinese) . He turned his head alittle side ways to my direction, nodded and "zhao ann" back. We rode a little while together and I ask if I could take a photo of him and his bicycle. He stopped and as I fumbled to get my iphone to work.. we chatted abit.
Mr Lim, 70-ish with his 30year old bicycle
Mr Lim B.S.A
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Rusted but it still spins
Mr Lim
His name was Mr Lim, Stayed near Hougang and he had this bicycle for more than 30 years. He like to ride along the PCN as it is quiet and not so dangerous. "Cycling is nice, I just ride slowly for exercise. " he added.  I looked at his face, it is wrinkled and creased. One side of his body is stiff and a classic sign of a stroke person, like my Dad.
We hopped back onto the bicycle and continued the slow ride, soaking in the quiet peace. It is nice, crank by crank, wheels rolling slowly, moving forward.

Mr Lim pedalling on, slowly (sorry for the crappy shots... my iphone is the old gen)
Nature even gave me a nice treat as I stopped at the Serangoon river.  A fish jump out of the water and "hopped" 3 times. Just in front of me.. just like that. In a flash, the dance appeared and vanished.  This is no wild outback but it just felt so peaceful and amazing at the same time.  All 10 min from my home. Slow down, smile and say hello. You never know what surprises and beauty you will see.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Spinning on my brommie

MVI_4646 a video by taiwoon on Flickr.

Crank by crank, the bike moves forward. Crank and crank, we will get there. It's that simple. Keep it simple.

Monday, November 19, 2012

18th Nov 2012 Pulau Ubin ride by KC

LCSG family @ Ubin
This is Ubin! Photo Credit Joeel Lee 
peddle and feel the green forest!!
TC and family
Pre-ride intro and sharing about Ubin by Sir KC
Steven cranking on
Coconuts taste best when u are hot and sweaty!
Ubin where wild boars stroll freely about
Bonus trekking section
Raiding Ah Ma shop for coconuts
All the memories came flooding back
This was kind of a forgotten ride until Sir K.C mentioned about it and stepped up to lead this. We did this a year ago and never got to do it as it was alittle bit troublesome.... This was how it looked then
Pulau Ubin never felt so cool and interesting esp. when we have KC showing the hidden nooks and crannies. The amazing thing is that all rode together. In some conditions not too suitable for foldies, folks smiled and just pushed. We brought lots of smiles, esp to the coconut aunty. She couldn't cut them up fast enough! Durian Season meant it was a good time to savour the local fruit in a truly authentic environment. Want abit of the wild and kampong feel. Come to Ubin and do a ride around. You will love it. I did! We Did! Go go LCSG! 
More Photos of the fun fun sweaty ride at Ubin. 

Getting to Pulau Ubin

You will need to go to Changi Village. Try to be early around 7am so that it is not so hot. 
The buses to reach Changi Village are No. 2, 29, 59 and 109. 

Ferry boat service to Pulau Ubin   
The bumboats that will take you to Pulau Ubin is located at Changi Point Ferry Terminal(Tell the Taxi uncle this if u are going via Taxi) Save some money by taking MRT to Bedok or Tanah Merah Station. It is quite far from town. 

It will cost $2.5 per person and additional of $2(for bicycle) one way.
The boat man will need 12 to go and if not enough, he might wait until the boat is filled or if u are in a rush, pay and spilt the balance.

Bike Rental @ Ubin
For those who don't have a mountain bike. There are plenty of bicycle rentals and surprisingly good quality bicycles. We rented for half a day a polygon MTB for $15 and it is alot better than u think and big wheels are definetly an improvement on bumpy trails.

Places of interest @ Ubin
Chek Jawa and do look out for the family of wild boars
Ketam trail is a must for the MTB folks
German Girl temple
Lots of road side stall selling coconuts
Stuff to bring along
Mossie repellent, Sunblock.
Bottle of water
Dress comfy and for hot weather.  

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Slow Biking Singapore

Cycling is like cakes. There are Pandan cake, cheese cake and chocolate cake. All cake but different taste. This is one genre of cycling "cake" which I like too. Slow slow relak type. I was very glad that Bing Cheng agreed to share more on what he and his friends does "slowly" .....  Read on! 
Slowing Biking Singapore (SBSG) rolling down a quiet alley - Photo Credits SBSG 
SBSG folks - Photo Credits SBSG
Slow Biking Singapore, or SBSg, was established in late 2011. Our group name is directly inspired by the Slow Bicycle Movement.
Snooping around - Photo Credits SBSG
Slow Biking Singapore was borne out of a desire to meet fellow cyclists here who share the same outlook towards bicycling - as a simple, casual yet elegant and dignified way of getting around our city. Bicycles, to us, are tools to help us 'take it slow and easy' in our daily lives, an enjoyable way of getting around.
slow roll - Photo Credits SBSG

Slow down, feel the breeze and chat- Photo credits SBSG 
We believe cycling should be regarded as a "normal" thing to do. A "normal" way of getting to work, to meet friends, to have errands done, to get to the places we want to go, to do the things we want to do; a viable form of personal transportation - and not only regarded as purely a sport or leisure activity.
Sari of SBSG - Photo credits SBSG 

As a group, we aspire to encourage non-biking friends to join us in "slow biking" as well. To the best of our ability, we show to skeptics that, by our own examples, "No, it isn't too hot, it isn't too hard" to cycle in Singapore - we can all do it within our own pace and effort. As such, we are not restricted by how fast we have to ride, or any special 'equipment' we have to use. Actually, we already have some real-life examples here of "slow biking" we can observe daily - aunties and uncles on their way to the market n coffee-shops with their 'market-bikes', mothers ferrying their children to schools on their 'mama-charis'. People going around to places "normally" and with little fuss on their bikes. That is what we set out to emulate.
Our group meets are also a great way to show friends how we can all have a good time together - and we all got there on two wheels! Our unofficial motto is "We ride to meet!" (as opposed to cycling-dedicated groups who "meet to ride together" instead.)
If you share and embrace the same philosophy as we do for bicycling, or would like to find more, we welcome you to join us! We can be found on Facebook athttp://www.facebook.com/slowbikingsingapore/
Thank you, Ride Safe and Have Fun!

Foot note on the  Bing Cheng(Founder of SBSG) 

Hi all, I am Bing Cheng, author of the above article, and a photographer by profession. Taiwoon da-ge has insisted I should also talk a little about myself as a cyclist (and my bikes), so here I am!
My primary use of the bicycle is as a personal transportation tool - be it to get to the studio for work, to meet friends for chilling-out, or to run personal errands. As such, I have a preference for 'workhorse' do-it-all bikes that demands little fuss, something I can put away after using without losing sleep over. Some of the bikes I have owned (and let go) over the past 1 1/2 years include 2 fixed gear bicycles, a vintage touring steel bike that I converted into a commuter, a foldable bicycle, and now a '90s vintage hard-tail/rigid fork mountain-bike. I have two other bicycles at home belonging to my wife and dad - a ladies step-through city bike, and a cruiser. I have enjoyed riding them all, they are beautiful and unique in their own ways.
I enjoy cycling as a way of getting around. The basic principles behind the bicycle have remained largely the same for decades, even century. I believe a time-traveller from early last century would have little problem learning how to ride the bikes of today (and vice versa). There is satisfaction behind the knowledge that, not only do I have a connection to history and tradition whenever I get on a bike, I have gotten to where I want to go purely by my own effort. The freedom, beauty and joy in the simplicity of riding a bicycle is something one has to experience it for him/herself to truly understand and appreciate. So if you are a non-cyclist who is thinking of starting….don't hesitate anymore, and come join us!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Asia Cycling friendly cities

Are we considered as being bicycle friendly? And how are cycling being regarded in Singapore and how do we compare amongst the Asia city? Dr Park said of Singapore: “There is a saying: If you build it, they will come. Are we waiting for people’s mindsets to change before we build up, or do we build up first, then we wait for people to use it?”  Read on here. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Health and Cycling

Photo credit by http://www.antibioticslist.com
3 weeks ago I fell ill again. It was flu (or was it common cold??) and the whole body was aching and I felt weak. Dripping nose and a very big headache. Not the jackhammer headache but a dull pressure that slowly cockscrews in pressure from the back of my ears and fore head. My eyes have dull pressure... Not in a super state and I just had to lie flat after medication for 2 or 3 days.
I thought I recovered from my previous bout of flu(or cold) and feeling good, I restarted my cycling routine. Nothing too much, just 40 mins of more intensive riding from Punggol to Seletar airbase and loop back from Sengkang.  King of the hill was around the corner and I wanted to be in shape.
Bad idea. After 2 days back into the saddle, I felt the dreaded aches and headaches.  This was worrying to me as I had not been sick for awhile.. now it was 2 times in 2 weeks.
I visited Papa mike again and downloaded my activities after the first flu recovery. "You shouldn't exercise immediately after Flu(or did he said cold?? sorry I wasn't in my best condition to listen...) . Have to ramp up slowly.. " He lectured... "Alamak, now u tell me..."

 So now I know and I share. Please don't follow my silly mistake. Must rest it and go easy.
BTW, do u know what is a common cold compared to Flu? Click here to read more...   I still not too sure what I got.... But very glad I am better now.. and I am slowly cycling again! Hooray!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Rider Profile - Hardy Mr Handy man!

The memorable LCSG 2012 Treasure hunt...  Hardy is on the left!
Hardy showing how easy to change tube.. @ LCSG servicing WS
Captivating the audience with Louis Lee
Hello I am Hardy, 39 years old, married with 4 lovely kids. Currently a fulltime house husband and bike repair service hahaha(he is really good, PM him if u need servicing) 
I started cycling long time ago because place that i grew up had alot cycling activity (marine crescent). During those days,it was mainly BMX and roadie time.I can still remember that we built jump  ramp before the flyover to ecp was even built! 
During that years if you got bicycle weekend can make money liao,  part time sell drink or curry puff along east coast park. 
I like two wheelers from bicycle to motorcycles. Actually I used to race motorbike and motorcross competitively .Only stopped a few year back old as sponsors were hard to come by. Anyway, got to give chance to newbie :) 

My first ride with LCSG were at lavender mrt. It was organise by francis chu early feb this year.
My favourite route is tresure hunt because that ride was fun and though until i get sick .heheheh
For me i help out anyone during any group ride LCSG i rather like to b sweeper or safety. 
Always ask people to join LCSG ride because I find it safe and for some rides you can even have ur kid tag along.
Just reminder on safety. 
I always make sure I have safety equipment in all sports activity. I would suggest that you invest a bit more for quality items. Helmet, gloves and shoe are something not to be ignored.

Taiwoon additional points to add:
Hardy is a very very helpful chap! He has been an indispensable Angel mechanic on wheels who offers his help so willingly. No one asked, he just stepped up and did it. Always smiling, he makes on the fly repair looks so easy. A note to all, if he helped u, please be nice, replace the tube and treat him kopi or something lah. 
Together with Louis Lee, he helped to run the LCSG servicing workshop where he showed the specifics of a tube change and how to check bicycle for issue. 
Thank you very very much, Hardy for all your contributions to LCSG and PNR! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rider Profile Berenda Lim

Berenda with her Brompton @ ECP

First ride to Pengarang 

Learning to clean and service her Brompton @ LCSG servicing WS

Intro yourself:
Halo everyone
Am Berenda Lim – working as Corp Finance Accountant in Sport Retail Company. Biking affair started in June’12, it was out of the sudden interest and gradually ended up as a weekly activity happen deeply poison by every enjoyable ride and those lovely bikes. On regular basic - I will try to join every Friday nite ride (PNR) and Sunday LCSG morning ride as long as my schedules permit. Else will be improtus rides organize by some of the regular cycling khakis.

How did you started cycling
1st pedaling step began when I was just a toddler, a Red steel 3-wheels Kar Chia (bike) that was passed down from cousins after one another it was still in good condition upon receiving. During early childhood hay day, cousins and I will spend our weekend at my grandparent’s farm in Lim Chu Kang. As kids we bike randomly chasing around each other within grandpa’s vegetation plantation and fish pond sometimes crash into those poor vegetables. Our parents had forbidden us from cycling especially during raining day because we will cover with patches of mud and dirts difficult to clean/wash it off. Soon those days slowly varnish the moment authority announce taking over the piece of land in early 90s. In the past, cycling was renting of bike and simple leisure ride at ECP with a group of friends. Owing a bike wasn’t in my shopping list till recently.

Why do you like cycling
I must admit me being lazy bum hence cycling is part of exercising which allow me to stay healthy and keep fit. Over a period with weekly workout, its help to build up stamina and condition to become fitter.
Exploring places on 2 wheels is fun and challenging.  So far, my hardworking Brompton M6L accompanies me to Desaru trip (Aug12) and LCSG 128km island ride event (Sep12). Looking back am proud to participant in both, it had its own fair share of memorable and display team spirit and bonding along with fellow cyclists. Glad to meet people from all walks of life, sharing their cycling knowledge, experience and overseas trip.

It’s always heartening and delighted to see cyclists such as Uncle KC, Francis Chu, George Lim, and Aunty Audrey who are still passion and activate in cycling community. Likewise, cycling do engages couples bonding (George Kee and Wendy / Allan and his wife) and close up family ties (Taiwoon, Steven Tang, Jonathan, Desmond Chia, Daniel). 
LCSG sunday ride constantly bring us to new places and exploring new route was exciting and of course not to forget LCSG motto Eat Ride and Play (ERP). Every Sunday ride is always fill with fun and laughter needless to say hilarious especially when Steven Tang is around.   

When you met LCSG – how was it like and how u meets us
In mid-May’12 - By chance one of my longtime girlfriend – Lisa Koh mention about LCSG had organized a cycling trip to Desaru. The thought of short break chilling out under sun, sand & sea and as Non-cyclist for the trip hence I decided to sign up and will be Lisa roommate. Auntie Mary (Desaru Trip organizer) was officially intro to me at Paya Lebar Safra cycling event – unfortunately she break the new the entire Desaru Trip I was the only non-cyclist as such either I join as cyclist or pay for my own land transport. From then till Desaru trip was 8 weeks away, Aunty Mary pre-empt the group with 6 weeks of intensive training program to include long distance, slopes, endurance, stamina etc  to ensure we are fit for the trip. Looking back, my 1st training with the group was a total disaster and horrifying….. Thru more training rides its lead to slowly build up more confidence and getting to know/manage my bike gearing well. Big Thanks Q to Desaru Training team: Aunty Mary, Audrey, George Kee, Wendy, Steven, Bernice, Louis, Darren, Eddie, Vince and the rest.
Extract from Aunty Mary favorite quote – Crank by Crank we will reach (never give up), this sentence itself explain a lot and somehow kind of blueprint still ringing in my mind till now.

What is your steel horse
1.     Dahon D7 – 1st bike got me into cycling
2.     Brompton M6L – friendly commuter bike
3.     On the way …. another beauty to reveal

Your favorite cycling route and Khaki
There is no definite favorite cycling route or khaki simply because every ride is fun, enjoyable and challenging on its own. Discovering, exploring is part of each cycling route and getting to meet new fellow cyclists or catching up with old khaki.
Looking forward BTW  (bike to work) – (if) possible in near future.
I love the fresh dew smell whenever rides pass some open semi-greenly field or forest either during wee hour or dawn…. Serenity to mother nature

Monday, November 5, 2012

King of the hill 2012 - highlights

Briefing by Encik on the route ...  no cheating..       Photo credits Soap Drinker

The day before King of the Hill (KODH), it rained the whole day and I was really worried that it would be a washout. Luckily for us, the rain stopped early morning.  Encik George Lim even went for an early morning recce to check the full route, just to be sure that it was passable and debris free. This is awesome testament to his thoroughness and passion for LCSG team. Very big thumbs up. 

As 85 cyclists gathered at Labrador open air carpark early morning to take on the KODH.  They were briefed by Encik. This time the route was to be from Labrador park >>NUS Slopes>> Kent Ridge>> Bukit Chandu>> Telok Blangah Hill>> Mt Faber and followed by nice makan at Telok Blangah food centre for Shark mee Lor mee.

I was down with flu for KODH 2012 but really enjoyed the wonderful updates via Facebook.... Judging from the constant CNN updates, it was fun fun fun, groan groan groan all the way.  The bicycles zigzagged. Some cursed, some pushed... some pedalled all the way up.. and all smiling, driping with sweat. All this, happening in our "tiny" little island.  I guess, for awhile at least we would know Singapore is not all flat after all. :)

It was amazing to see the LCSG Angels coming to support their friends, loved ones. Angels like Serene Gan, Soup Drinker, Bernice and many others who cheered loudly, ran around giving out bananas and drinks. They really deserved a big thank you!

Here are some of the awesome highlights taken by all the LCSG angels.  More here by Soap Drinker
King of the Hill 2012
Eddie hamming up for the camera                photo credits Soap Drinker