Sunday, July 16, 2017

Cycling to Taekwondo class

If you follow my blog, you would realise that the entries have slowed down somewhat. Its because of work, family commitments  which also changes my weekend routine.  The Sunday schedule is 0900 at Jiang Lao Shi(chinese class), followed by Concept maths at 1300 and then Taekwondo(TKD) at 4pm for my girl. Yah I know what u thinking... damn kia Su right....Thats SG for u.  
The good thing for our busy weekends is we use the MRT/uber/ and I get to chat with her during travelling transitions.... 
TKD is at Punggol Safra and its about 2 km from our home.  It's just a easy ride and one that I enjoy with Momo.  I also feel very lucky as there's a short cut to Punggol Safra using the Punggol  waterway PCN. The path is also some what widened and its easier to ride for newbies, children. Frankly, it's nothing epic but its quite a nice ride which I treasure. A short but precious time with my little(maybe not too little now) one. 
Here's some photos of the journey from home to Punggol Safra.  What about you and have integrated some form of cycling into ur lives?  
Ready to ride! 

Can we go now? 

TKD finally over and on our way home

Momo roll up the right trousers so that it will not be caught in the chain ring 

Selfie when we ride....  I think next time we use the RE camera instead. 

Momo very comfortable on a bike 

Approaching the junction, the speed strips informs you to slow down. 

Good advice.  Lets look out before crossing. 

Reached home in no time 

I need a cold drink.. its so hot today!