Sunday, June 3, 2018

Building floating plant platform at Punggol Jetty with Nparks 26th May 2018

In Singapore we are very lucky to have the park connector network, where many will enjoy a simple walks, run or cycle. Over the years, we have also worked with the PCN team to bring fellow cyclists to do improvements for the PCN. 
It is also partly a way to bring community involvement and bonding between the parties. On 26th May 2018, sat morning we did just that. This time was abit different where we used recycle PRT bottles for floation devices and made plant platform which could be used around the parks.  
We are glad to see cyclists, young and old come together and getting to work with the Nparks team. It was a nice feeling to see such cohesion. During the event there were lots laughter, smiles, sweat and lot of zip ties! 
 Here's some really nice photos taken by Eugene wee and uncle KC for the event. If u like to get involved in such activities, pls shoot me a mail so I can loop u in the coming ones. Thanks! 
Daniel and family with their used PET bottles 

Make it better by getting ur hands dirty!