Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jollie's italian friend

You don't see much craft work like that......

Jolly's italian friend

check out the lugs!

Steel is real, feels different. I keep hearing this. And one of a bike brand stood out when I think of steel road bike, that's the brand Tomasini. I am a retro-heart type of guy and I remembered seeing this at Paul's room when I helped to bring his blue brompton downstairs. By some stroke of facebook fate, I was re-introduced to this brand recently by Jollie. 
This is Jollie's very beautiful Italian ride. His name is Tecno.  Jollie very generously let me tried afew laps around her place and we also rode around the near by PCN.  Oh my goodness... the bike feels great and fast. With my usual effort, I can get the bike up close to 40km and hold it there. To do that on my foldies, I would have to push super super hard.. and not be possible to sustain the speed. It is also not just speed but the way it handles. Very sure footed and easy to ride.. maybe to some riders they might say too "stable"... well for me, it just rides fine.  That night I dreamt of the bike and fun it would to be zipping up and down Mandai slopes. .. haha..  what a dilemma... oh gosh.. thanks jolly!  Funny how in the carbon fibre era we live in... Yes, steel is real! Try one and u will be pleasantly surprise! more goodie photos here

call me Trio...

Lovecyclingsg forum - chat and register for the incoming Sunday rides

Read my ride account but don't know where to find more information on the rides.  I get this message send to me quite often. Click this link
which is our Lovecyclingsg forum and serves as a riding event bulletin board. Join us to experience the lovecyclingsg magic. A group made up of like minded normal folks, who just like to cycle, good eats and photo.  Look forward to meet u, actually and not just in cyberspace. :) 
LCSG forum
Clarence Chang. MTB also can.
Steven Tang. Foldies? Sure!
Alvin Kwa. Roadie? Ride on! 

Ride down orchard with LCSG

LCSG at Orchard ION... not a sight u can see every day!  Photo credits Roland aka GV Sealion
The original idea was that we go take MRT from home and meet at Orchard Road. For foldies that is. While the rest of the full-sized bikes will ride and meet us simultaneously at Ion Orchard. I was told this is called Flash Mob. A quick google search and I saw a lot of funny interesting flash mob done locally in Singapore.  I think it is a very nice respite and good outlet for destressing and debunking the notion Singapore is a boring place.  My advice to our crew was, "cool! lets go! Be careful, it is bike promotion not  provocation"  To ensure that the ride went on smoothly, Steven Tang, Joeel, Diane did a recce and rode the whole route. After the recce, due to the ground conditions and heavy traffic, we changed it to simply a ride down orchard road - stopping at Orchard ION, Outside Istana and SAM.  Personally I was very excited on the ride as I have not ridden at Orchard road before. My impression was that there was just too many cars, pediastrians. ...can we really ride thru it?
Bidarri park
Mr AM at the Skate park
Riding from Punggol @ 630 am, the air was cool and crisp. Stopping by Bidarri park to take some photos and look at the open fields.  This is a luxury in Singapore with every possible land being turned into mega housing projects or shopping centre. As I looked at the nice fields, I wonder how long will we get to enjoy this beautiful fields? It took me about 45 min of relaxed riding to reach Bras Besah MRT. At 745 am, the area is nice and quiet with very light traffic.  I rolled towards Scape, my first time there. Nice to see good skate facilities for the youth.  No one in sight, I guess too early to be skating.
Steven Tang briefing the riders
George and Cindy 
how to fold??? 
Audrey Chong with a new friend
The main party formed up at Minden road off Dempsey where Steven briefed on the route and what we will be doing at Orchard road.  It was nice to see all in red, united and smiling. Bikes of all brands and sizes riding as one. Reaching ION Orchard, we gathered and waited for the whistle beep. Luckily or unlucky the place was relatively quiet and we had the place to our selves. Whistle beep, the crew who had foldies, folded their bikes in a jiffy while those with full sized bike just stood around looking cool. Beep again and we all did the pose.
Cameras clicked and videographers captured the memories. Not too often can u have 50 people, dressed in red doing a superman pose and still smiling! Beep once more and we unfolded the bikes and rolled slowly towards somerset MRT to Scape. Everyone was on the best behaviour and it was easy! I sweated abit at the Istana gate as I saw the police man shuffling nervously and talking quickly into the walkie talkie, but nothing happen!
Just outside Istana... the red van is coming anytime now... sweating inside   Photo credits Roland
Brompton BMX
what a smile! 
Next stop was the Singapore Art Museum and then to the nice Wanton noodle(San dou) and Laksa at Syed Alwi road. Overall a nice and fun ride to a place which I would have never ridden. Now thinking how would it be like if it was mass peak hour at Orchard road....   More photos here 
Kudos to the recce team, GL, Steven Tang, Joeel, Diane, Francis and many more for making this a cool and fund ride!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lovecyclingsg is 1 year old - feelings and thoughts.

LCSG cupcakes!!!!!! oh my goodness!                                 Photo credits TC 
Today I was "played out" by my friends and wifey. Evening time, my wife told me that we have to go to her boss  dinner gathering. So we did. Except that it was not her boss but Lovecyclingsg 1st anniversary. My mind went blank cuz I really didnt expect it. The usual folks were there, Kimi, Boo, Clarence, George and many many more. I must say I was very touched by this gesture. I looked at Francis and he was also blurr... but visibly touched.  Dun know what to say....
Lovecyclingsg has always been a part of my life. Never did we expect anything in return. Just that we hope everyone have fun and enjoy the rides. And all chipping in to help where ever possible - aka Kampong spirit. It is never about the bikes but the friendship that we foster over time. When I see all of them gathered there, laughing, chatting away. I almost want to cry...... Tears of happiness that is.......
I know we have a wonderful wonderful crew. We got really something special going and something I am very proud and glad to be a part of!

Lastly, Lovecyclingsg could not have happen without all of you. I hope we can keep the LCSG spirit alive. Keep it fun, keep it real. Never about the bikes!  See u on Sunday! 

From cycling, we became friends                           Photo credits TC 
Yeah!                                                                       Photo credits TC 
Kimi must be one of the instigator... hmm can also make a good lead!
Kimi sharing her thoughts..                                  Photo credits TC 
Look at the spread                                                 Photo credits TC 
Mr Teo and Francis

17th Sept Ride and MBS Servicing demo

Francis tailing the group
Zipping around Pandan Reservior  Photo credit Wilson Lim
Mandy and Gywn Pumping it up at the gravelly Pandan reservoir         Photo credit Diane 
A huge crowd turned up today at Mybikeshop for a nice relaxed loop around Pandan Reservoir area. Lead ably by Mr Ben and jerry - George Lim and assisted by Andy, Zack, Wilson and others. The view was nice and also included abit of off road for more fun.  After the ride, the crew returned to MBS and packed into the shop. It was really bustling with activity and chatter. To make the demo more effective, we had 2 demonstrators at each end and sharing how to do checks before a ride. Jai and Rahim smoothly pointed out the tricks and how to do degreasing/ clean the sprockets and chain. Many of the riders looked intently to capture all the techniques. Kian lin also gave LCSG a small discount off the accessories and cleaning equipment. Wah...this spurred a lot of people to start looking at the gloves, bells, helmets and all.  Crowded and busy, like a market place but really fun. More photos here
Many thanks to George Lim, Andy, Zack, Wilson for helping to make the ride fun and safe. Also many thanks to MyBikeshop for a nice venue and staff to demo on bike servicing.
Kian Lin sharing on the demo details and the nice discount of course!
Jai: "very simple one lah.... " 
Rahim imparting some good servicing pointers

CFAL ride by G Club Penang Cyclists

Eddie, Mr Teo, Hong, Nick, GL(behind the camera)                Photo credit GL
At the CFAL start line                                      Photo credits G Club Penang
Nick, totally wet but loving it!                Photo credit GL  
Hong says no problemo!                       Photo credit GL
Campaign for a bike lane ride is an effort by G club Penang cyclist to gather support for a bike lane in Penang.  The folks are not full time staff but all driven by passion to make their place as bike friendly as it possibly can. And what a crowd!!! 2500 riders attended this ride...rain not a problem!  The news spread so far to Singapore that we also had our LCSG friends, Mr Teo, Eddie, GL, Hong, Audrey and Nick attending this event. The feedback was... wow very good and happening !   Here are GL comments.
"CFAL is a very well organized ride. They have lots of volunteers to distribute water and even more outrider to move around the route to watch out for cyclist who are in trouble. Cyclist can almost be certain to have the outrider stopping to check them out once they stop at the side. Along the way, the volunteers full of smiles held up encouraging/useful words like enjoy your rides, sharp turn ahead, 21km left which really makes cyclists enjoy the ride more. The only thing that I felt need improvement is their lucky draw. They started it quite early and those draw that are not claim after three fast call are redraw again. Well, the ride is the most important part and I think the organizer have did a great job. 5 stars event!!! "
I am impressed, very motivated by their energy and efforts. Maybe it is time for a Singapore version? What say u? 
More infor on the wonderful event here...
GL practising the pose on Mr Teo MPV                Photo credit GL
Topup before the actual event                                   Photo credit

All the way from SG, Steady Mr Teo!                 Photo Credit GL       

Friday, September 16, 2011

A bit of Singapore Cycling history

amazing tenacity and passion for cycling, Mr Ariff  
Some really cool stuff      Photo credits Geylang Cycling Team Singapore
I just got back to cycling a few years ago and while I am seen as a "retro" guy. What really drives me are the history and stories behind the bike and personalities. A recent Facebook chatter about old cycling stuff which was mainly from Europe made me wonder... Ok, they are cool.. and how was Cycling like in Singapore, last time?  This is where google really shines... and I found this gem.  Geylang Cycling Team Singapore 
Best of all, apparently they are still at it. Road racing I mean, not my cup of team but I truly respect what they are doing.  Thought this is something cool to share.  Does anyone know more about our Singapore Cycling legends? Drop me a line, I like to know and blog about it ..:) 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ride with MBS folks and servicing demo 17th Sept Sat

David and me @ Pandan Reservoir 
Located near Clementi area is Mybikeshop. They specialised on Foldies and what is cool about the place is the easy going, knowledgeble and friendly staff.  Usually u will see some of our kakis there ogling at the latest bicycles and parts. Then u will see the agony of decision making..... then europhia.... when the rider "submits" and hand over his credit card.  It is funny to see grown ups coming into the shop and becoming like kids in a candy store. So...we are going to bring more folks there!!! 
It is about time we do a refresher on bike servicing (good for newer riders and those totally clueless) and I am glad to have MBS team (Kian Lin, Joseph and Jai) who will share with us the tips on general bike maintaince.  Stuff covered will be general bike check, brake adjustments, gear shifting adjustment, Chain Cleaning, oiling ur chain, Correct tyre pressure/inspection. But before that we do a group ride around Pandan loop area and return to MBS for the Servicing Demo.  
Date: 17th Sept, Sat
Time:10 am for ride, 1150 for the servicing demo
Oh, MBS will be giving some discount on the day... More details @ lovecyclingsg forum below
Poison alley                                photo credits Mybikeshop
Pandan reservoir
Jai when he is not wrenching bicycles... 
looks familar...