Friday, September 16, 2011

A bit of Singapore Cycling history

amazing tenacity and passion for cycling, Mr Ariff  
Some really cool stuff      Photo credits Geylang Cycling Team Singapore
I just got back to cycling a few years ago and while I am seen as a "retro" guy. What really drives me are the history and stories behind the bike and personalities. A recent Facebook chatter about old cycling stuff which was mainly from Europe made me wonder... Ok, they are cool.. and how was Cycling like in Singapore, last time?  This is where google really shines... and I found this gem.  Geylang Cycling Team Singapore 
Best of all, apparently they are still at it. Road racing I mean, not my cup of team but I truly respect what they are doing.  Thought this is something cool to share.  Does anyone know more about our Singapore Cycling legends? Drop me a line, I like to know and blog about it ..:) 

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