Saturday, September 17, 2011

17th Sept Ride and MBS Servicing demo

Francis tailing the group
Zipping around Pandan Reservior  Photo credit Wilson Lim
Mandy and Gywn Pumping it up at the gravelly Pandan reservoir         Photo credit Diane 
A huge crowd turned up today at Mybikeshop for a nice relaxed loop around Pandan Reservoir area. Lead ably by Mr Ben and jerry - George Lim and assisted by Andy, Zack, Wilson and others. The view was nice and also included abit of off road for more fun.  After the ride, the crew returned to MBS and packed into the shop. It was really bustling with activity and chatter. To make the demo more effective, we had 2 demonstrators at each end and sharing how to do checks before a ride. Jai and Rahim smoothly pointed out the tricks and how to do degreasing/ clean the sprockets and chain. Many of the riders looked intently to capture all the techniques. Kian lin also gave LCSG a small discount off the accessories and cleaning equipment. Wah...this spurred a lot of people to start looking at the gloves, bells, helmets and all.  Crowded and busy, like a market place but really fun. More photos here
Many thanks to George Lim, Andy, Zack, Wilson for helping to make the ride fun and safe. Also many thanks to MyBikeshop for a nice venue and staff to demo on bike servicing.
Kian Lin sharing on the demo details and the nice discount of course!
Jai: "very simple one lah.... " 
Rahim imparting some good servicing pointers

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