Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ride with MBS folks and servicing demo 17th Sept Sat

David and me @ Pandan Reservoir 
Located near Clementi area is Mybikeshop. They specialised on Foldies and what is cool about the place is the easy going, knowledgeble and friendly staff.  Usually u will see some of our kakis there ogling at the latest bicycles and parts. Then u will see the agony of decision making..... then europhia.... when the rider "submits" and hand over his credit card.  It is funny to see grown ups coming into the shop and becoming like kids in a candy store. So...we are going to bring more folks there!!! 
It is about time we do a refresher on bike servicing (good for newer riders and those totally clueless) and I am glad to have MBS team (Kian Lin, Joseph and Jai) who will share with us the tips on general bike maintaince.  Stuff covered will be general bike check, brake adjustments, gear shifting adjustment, Chain Cleaning, oiling ur chain, Correct tyre pressure/inspection. But before that we do a group ride around Pandan loop area and return to MBS for the Servicing Demo.  
Date: 17th Sept, Sat
Time:10 am for ride, 1150 for the servicing demo
Oh, MBS will be giving some discount on the day... More details @ lovecyclingsg forum below
Poison alley                                photo credits Mybikeshop
Pandan reservoir
Jai when he is not wrenching bicycles... 
looks familar... 

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