Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mid Autum festival with Lovecyclingsg folks

Merriam  and Queen Boo
Mary and Gwyn

lots of sparklers
It is heartwarming to see that besides riding, the folks come together for events like this. In typical LCSG style, we went over board.... there was Clarence at the grill BBQing chicken wings and Satay. Everyone brought some stuff. From Mooncakes, Chips, Jellys, marshmellows, tea, soft drinks, sparklers and lots more.  This is even more amazing given that it was held on a Monday night.  Thank you Queen Boo, Clarence, Mary, Zack and others who have organised and contributed in the event.

Clarence at the Grill working his butts off
Diane with her first Lantern
LCSG F3 Pop grp- Andy, Zack and David
Mrs Ng reliving her childhood again!
Lantern detail
yes, some rode here..
Momo with another sparkler... 
I haven't had a Mid Autum festival in a long long while. My little girl, wife and myself enjoyed this throughly.  Thanks for the wonderful memories and food! Here are the photos for your download.

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