Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lovecyclingsg is 1 year old - feelings and thoughts.

LCSG cupcakes!!!!!! oh my goodness!                                 Photo credits TC 
Today I was "played out" by my friends and wifey. Evening time, my wife told me that we have to go to her boss  dinner gathering. So we did. Except that it was not her boss but Lovecyclingsg 1st anniversary. My mind went blank cuz I really didnt expect it. The usual folks were there, Kimi, Boo, Clarence, George and many many more. I must say I was very touched by this gesture. I looked at Francis and he was also blurr... but visibly touched.  Dun know what to say....
Lovecyclingsg has always been a part of my life. Never did we expect anything in return. Just that we hope everyone have fun and enjoy the rides. And all chipping in to help where ever possible - aka Kampong spirit. It is never about the bikes but the friendship that we foster over time. When I see all of them gathered there, laughing, chatting away. I almost want to cry...... Tears of happiness that is.......
I know we have a wonderful wonderful crew. We got really something special going and something I am very proud and glad to be a part of!

Lastly, Lovecyclingsg could not have happen without all of you. I hope we can keep the LCSG spirit alive. Keep it fun, keep it real. Never about the bikes!  See u on Sunday! 

From cycling, we became friends                           Photo credits TC 
Yeah!                                                                       Photo credits TC 
Kimi must be one of the instigator... hmm can also make a good lead!
Kimi sharing her thoughts..                                  Photo credits TC 
Look at the spread                                                 Photo credits TC 
Mr Teo and Francis


  1. thank you for making it happen!


  2. Congrats on one year!!!

    I think I saw u at Pioneer MRT with ur foldie! Will shout a "Hi" next time! Cheers!

  3. hello boo, thanks for being a part of LCSG too!
    Hello Starrringme, thank you and yes pls come say hello too! u have a cool blog btw!