Saturday, September 3, 2011

KODH - Together, we can make it! let's go!

Fabulous art for Joeel
5 min job with Ah mo Crayons!
Tomorrow will be Lovecyclingsg King of Da hill ride. It is funny how it all started. The story goes when  we(me, Darren Seow and Lun)  were just chatting over coffee. We had all completed the Iron butt 128km and feeling very good about ourselves. And I got a similar feedback from the LCSG"yeah!!!.. I can do anything... any more tougher rides? - bring it on man!" So from that, we came up with taking on the 4 steepest slopes and repeating it 2 times. Huh!!! That will be a challenge! And the amazing thing is that 43 people are actually going to do it together!  No prizes, no medals.. just the simple fun and company of friends!
To some, this will be chicken feed. But to those mere mortals, this will be a challenge. A challenge we will take it on. Together, brudders and Sistas. We will over come! Let's go!


  1. Small thoughts big ideas;) Hate to have to miss it due to biz travel. Will be rooting for eveyone to complete the challenge in spirit from Berlin! Press first gear:)))
    Can't wait to see pictures!!

  2. Tai Woon, thanks for making this possible. and what a wonderful drawing from Joeel!

  3. please wear the crown tomorrow! haha. let's roll!