Monday, November 5, 2012

King of the hill 2012 - highlights

Briefing by Encik on the route ...  no cheating..       Photo credits Soap Drinker

The day before King of the Hill (KODH), it rained the whole day and I was really worried that it would be a washout. Luckily for us, the rain stopped early morning.  Encik George Lim even went for an early morning recce to check the full route, just to be sure that it was passable and debris free. This is awesome testament to his thoroughness and passion for LCSG team. Very big thumbs up. 

As 85 cyclists gathered at Labrador open air carpark early morning to take on the KODH.  They were briefed by Encik. This time the route was to be from Labrador park >>NUS Slopes>> Kent Ridge>> Bukit Chandu>> Telok Blangah Hill>> Mt Faber and followed by nice makan at Telok Blangah food centre for Shark mee Lor mee.

I was down with flu for KODH 2012 but really enjoyed the wonderful updates via Facebook.... Judging from the constant CNN updates, it was fun fun fun, groan groan groan all the way.  The bicycles zigzagged. Some cursed, some pushed... some pedalled all the way up.. and all smiling, driping with sweat. All this, happening in our "tiny" little island.  I guess, for awhile at least we would know Singapore is not all flat after all. :)

It was amazing to see the LCSG Angels coming to support their friends, loved ones. Angels like Serene Gan, Soup Drinker, Bernice and many others who cheered loudly, ran around giving out bananas and drinks. They really deserved a big thank you!

Here are some of the awesome highlights taken by all the LCSG angels.  More here by Soap Drinker
King of the Hill 2012
Eddie hamming up for the camera                photo credits Soap Drinker

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