Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Health and Cycling

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3 weeks ago I fell ill again. It was flu (or was it common cold??) and the whole body was aching and I felt weak. Dripping nose and a very big headache. Not the jackhammer headache but a dull pressure that slowly cockscrews in pressure from the back of my ears and fore head. My eyes have dull pressure... Not in a super state and I just had to lie flat after medication for 2 or 3 days.
I thought I recovered from my previous bout of flu(or cold) and feeling good, I restarted my cycling routine. Nothing too much, just 40 mins of more intensive riding from Punggol to Seletar airbase and loop back from Sengkang.  King of the hill was around the corner and I wanted to be in shape.
Bad idea. After 2 days back into the saddle, I felt the dreaded aches and headaches.  This was worrying to me as I had not been sick for awhile.. now it was 2 times in 2 weeks.
I visited Papa mike again and downloaded my activities after the first flu recovery. "You shouldn't exercise immediately after Flu(or did he said cold?? sorry I wasn't in my best condition to listen...) . Have to ramp up slowly.. " He lectured... "Alamak, now u tell me..."

 So now I know and I share. Please don't follow my silly mistake. Must rest it and go easy.
BTW, do u know what is a common cold compared to Flu? Click here to read more...   I still not too sure what I got.... But very glad I am better now.. and I am slowly cycling again! Hooray!

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