Monday, November 19, 2012

18th Nov 2012 Pulau Ubin ride by KC

LCSG family @ Ubin
This is Ubin! Photo Credit Joeel Lee 
peddle and feel the green forest!!
TC and family
Pre-ride intro and sharing about Ubin by Sir KC
Steven cranking on
Coconuts taste best when u are hot and sweaty!
Ubin where wild boars stroll freely about
Bonus trekking section
Raiding Ah Ma shop for coconuts
All the memories came flooding back
This was kind of a forgotten ride until Sir K.C mentioned about it and stepped up to lead this. We did this a year ago and never got to do it as it was alittle bit troublesome.... This was how it looked then
Pulau Ubin never felt so cool and interesting esp. when we have KC showing the hidden nooks and crannies. The amazing thing is that all rode together. In some conditions not too suitable for foldies, folks smiled and just pushed. We brought lots of smiles, esp to the coconut aunty. She couldn't cut them up fast enough! Durian Season meant it was a good time to savour the local fruit in a truly authentic environment. Want abit of the wild and kampong feel. Come to Ubin and do a ride around. You will love it. I did! We Did! Go go LCSG! 
More Photos of the fun fun sweaty ride at Ubin. 

Getting to Pulau Ubin

You will need to go to Changi Village. Try to be early around 7am so that it is not so hot. 
The buses to reach Changi Village are No. 2, 29, 59 and 109. 

Ferry boat service to Pulau Ubin   
The bumboats that will take you to Pulau Ubin is located at Changi Point Ferry Terminal(Tell the Taxi uncle this if u are going via Taxi) Save some money by taking MRT to Bedok or Tanah Merah Station. It is quite far from town. 

It will cost $2.5 per person and additional of $2(for bicycle) one way.
The boat man will need 12 to go and if not enough, he might wait until the boat is filled or if u are in a rush, pay and spilt the balance.

Bike Rental @ Ubin
For those who don't have a mountain bike. There are plenty of bicycle rentals and surprisingly good quality bicycles. We rented for half a day a polygon MTB for $15 and it is alot better than u think and big wheels are definetly an improvement on bumpy trails.

Places of interest @ Ubin
Chek Jawa and do look out for the family of wild boars
Ketam trail is a must for the MTB folks
German Girl temple
Lots of road side stall selling coconuts
Stuff to bring along
Mossie repellent, Sunblock.
Bottle of water
Dress comfy and for hot weather.  

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  1. This post really poisonous! I went to buy the Tikit today so that I can join your next group outing.