Saturday, August 14, 2010

I have a Punggol dream...

I live at Punggol field area.. this is one of the more ulu(far reaching) areas in Singapore..  However there are big dreams for this place. It is supposed is to be the next "marine parade" for Singapore. What doe all this rambling have any relevance to my bicycling site? Well, according to the powers above, Punggol will have waterside activities and most importantly... bicycle paths that follows the waterline!  I have been monitoring the development around my area and indeed it is coming up.. here is the plan as I see in the newspaper.  I am excited and can't wait for this dream to become a reality!


  1. Dear Taiwoon,

    Thanks for your visiting. I love your posts and photos too, especially the photo od "simple life, simple bike".
    What's the camera do you use? I love the color and tone it delivers.

    Your mentioning about Kongming's lights and lanterns makes me recall the good memory. Thank you so much.

    Frank Lu

  2. thanks for coming by Frank! yes memories and stories are what makes us human :)

  3. Wow! Seems like Punggol has great potential. I too luv to ride from Hougang to Punggol whenever time permits. Luvs the 'ulu-ness'. Hope it stays that way. Maybe they should have one of those bronze statues erected representing the past to be placed strategically along certain areas, like a farmer feeding some pigs/chickens/crocodile...? Well punggol used to have such type of farming, right? :p

  4. yes.. it is a nice place. Check out my new old bike.. I think u might like my story