Sunday, June 6, 2010

Going to a familiar place on a bike

6th June, sunday  and I woke up bright and early to meet Francis and TC for the a ride around balestier rd, Mt pleasant rd area.  730am at Balestier road is nice... very little traffic and the air is cool. TC took us to his usual route to work...and it was really amazing how another street is transformed by a park connector. I didnt know there was one at that area... and it was really nice riding along the canal...looking at the fishes. Yes, there are little fishes swimming in the canal.. I think the waters are getting better...

As we rode on, I just blurbed out.. "i like to see mount pleasant, dun know how it looks like" . For the people who dun know SG, we have very like hills, so "mount pleasant" sounds abit weird... but there is actually a road of that name...  As it happens, we were at the junction of mount pleasant and rode into the road. It was a gentle climb with colonial style houses along side... the highlight was a mega banyan tree. We stopped by and took photos.. rode around taking photos of old houses and ended at Rangoon road famous Bar ku teh..

got fish meh?
check out the banyan tree  
Francis with his fluorescent cape

100 year old house near ACS
rummaging around
better bar kut teh around
having good company..priceless

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