Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bike lanes from all over the world

Bikelanes are happening everywhere. Have a look at the contributions by fellow lovecyclingsg folks when they travel to different places...  Ok, I know we shouldn't be blindly copying but on the same note, we should be stubborn and blindly keep things as it is.
I will keep adding more places that have bikelanes, paths to share with all. Including LTA and our MOT pple.
Paris - note how the tile creates a seperate bike path
KaoShiong Taiwan - Painted lines   - Photo by George Lim
San Francisco - USA  - Painted line with bicycle logo - Photo by Ro
Penang, Malaysia  - Painted line with bicycle logo   - Photo by Boon
Even in Penang, Malaysia!!! Ok, if bikepath takes up too much space, what about bus/bike lane.  This is not a new idea... we have seen this in Perth! Thanks to Bro Al for providing the photo.
specific time which allows the bicycle and bus to use the left lane only.  Photo by Al 
New York has it too! - Photo Credit Newyork times
Munich, Germany. Using the pavement and painted line  Photo credit Huffingtonpost.com

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