Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ergon Grips

I ride regularly, almost every day more for exercise and to blow off stress from work.  Other than a comfy saddle(Brooks B17 highly recommended) the 2nd most important touch point will be the grips.
The Egron Grips are funny shaped grips which with the use of wider surface area, reduce the pressure point on your palm and grip. They come in 3 different sizes and really depends on the rider preference.
My first grip was a small but I have come to realise I like a large which is more comfortable for me.
Here is are some photos of a stylo bio-cork option for my Tokyo bike.
Ergon Biok Cork Grip. Nice Packing with min paper. 
How to set it right. The box hides the other grip. 
Fitted to Tokyo bike. The Brown area is harder while the black patch is a softer rubber material = comfy grip
Looking from Front
Looking from Side. The allen Key screw is to tighten the grip in the required angle. 

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