Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Beyond Beauty: Taiwan From Above (看見台灣)

I seldom watch movies and the ironic thing was that I watched one while I was in Taiwan. It's good and that's why I keep an blog entry on this. 
The gist of it. 
"How would you like to see Taiwan like a bird or a cloud. How would that feel like?" 
The film is done by a aerial photographer, Mr Chi Po Lin. Initially he wanted to just take "beautiful things/ photos. But then one day, he realized that there must be a greater meaning behind his work. So what he did was that he took 2 sets of photos. One set was a set of beautiful scenery and the other set was about another perspective and no as "glam" things.  Soil erosion and pollution for example. And he mixes and contrast them in this film so that he can show Taiwan as it is. 
More infor on the film here. 

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