Friday, January 9, 2015

First Lovecyclingsg ride of 2015

Time flies. I visited the old national stadium back in 2010. That was also the first time e rowde as a collective - Lovecyclingsg. I was not sure if anyone would  turn up but they did.  Fast forward, 4th Jan 2015 we had 100+ riders joining us for a ride. Starting from the same point... but now it is named Sportshub. Photos here. 

Back in 2010 - from Left GL, Sitoh, Boo, TC, Adrian, Amy, Francis

100 joined us for a sunday ride... too many to name but fun folks!
Darth Vader would feel right at home here
I guess the concept of playing tourists in our own back yard resonates very well with the community.
The easy going nature of Lovecyclingsg really helps to ease newbie riders to take that first step. We can see father bringing their kids... 
Lam with his son

Or  simply meeting new friends. 
Anna from Poland with Aunty Audrey
Families turning up to ride together.

I really love the kampong (community) spirit we have built up slowly over the years. It's  very precious and yet its free! For riders by riders. Hope we will have many more years of LCSG!  Will you help me continue the momentum?

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