Sunday, July 12, 2015

LCSG visits 50 mural artworks by NYJC 12th July2015

Love is in the air! 
Amazing mural! 
They say the bicycle is a great way to move around and explore the surroundings. We wanted to find Murals.... and we did!  
I think this ride is really a great demonstration of the bicycle flexibility in exploration.  Hi-res of the images here 
Two big, two small... wheels. Just ride! 
Andy briefing the riders on the route and safety matters
Led by Andy Yap, we started from Ang Mio MRT and found lots of murals painting on the HDB void decks. Andy took a lot of trouble to get the route out and there were 50 ++ of them! Here's Rebecca's map tracing of the route taken from AMK MRT. 
The route - photo credit Rebecca Ko 
This are where the murals are located. Thank you Andy and Christine for the wonderful recce!
So glad to have Wai Lim to join me for the ride!
Rolling slowly and merrily along. Its a special feeling! 
We went hunting for murals. This is near Tech Ghee Hawker centre 
Celebrating our void deck bike parking
A Wong Kar Wai moment
Peggy enjoying her sunday ride
Wei Kong and family rolling as one
Naturally we couldn't cover all of it. Still we were glad to be able to see some of the artwork. The topic was essentially about Singapore. The history and stuff that makes us Singapore. 
Hai Tang sharing the details of the Mural. Nice one Hai Tang!
Wei shuan sharing how the students did the mural. The preparation work behind the nice painting
It was even more special when Wei Shuan and Hai Tang shared that their daughter was one of the artist that made the murals! 
They were done by Nanyang Junior College which is located nearby. 
Riders admiring the artworks 
It was interesting to also know that the art elective students were the lead of the mural. That means, they will conceptualise the artwork with their teachers. Once it have been approved, they will lead a group of students(non-art elective) to execute the mural painting. Logistical issues like tracing the artwork need to be solved. They settled it by doing the tracing at night with projectors tethered from power lines routed from nearby wall plugs or even the rubbish dump. 
What was lovely is that, it was very much left to the students own devices. No spoon feeding for you! Wei Shuan also related that his daughter would often dirty their school uniform with ink, paint. But she would still wear the stained uniform to school. Almost like a symbol of pride and street cred. I totally understand the feeling having studied in Temasek polytechnic school of design:) 
Here's a lovely photo of the NYJC AEP leads who did the 15 Murals. 
NYJC 2015 AEP Students who lead in the 15 Murals.  Photo Credit Wei Shuan 

I just love it, especially so with the location which they did their mural artwork. The humble Void Deck! This is the place we grew up playing football and catching. What wonderful way to honour the space! 
This was our playground! 
Some of the nice murals we saw...
A more pop art inspired mural. I like this one best!

Kampong life

Singapore means... 
Uncle Steven posing on a nice mural showing ice kacang! 
This is another really creative piece. Solid!- photo credit Francis 
Doing 50 murals is a lot of work and I cannot imagine the amount creative juices needed... that must be quite a task! 
Thank you NYJC art elective students and teachers for the wonderful art pieces! Also drop them some comments, encouragement here 
I hope that maybe in the future, the art students and teachers themselves would be able to share directly with Lovecyclingsg or even to the public for that matter what they did. 
Even more meaningful were the processes/ sweat that they have to go through. 
Please let me know if you know anyone from Nanyang JC....:)  
I like to arrange another session to share this wonderful initiative. 
The ride made me smile alot. I really like that we are starting to think about what makes Singapore -  Singapore. And its not just because SG National day is around the corner, that all this "ra ra" and "dong dong chang" came about. 
This is our sunny island. Love it, embrace it, celebrate it in our own small way. Majulah! Singapura!   
Ahhh yes! The ping pong table!