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LCSG life paint Trial ride 27th Nov 2015

Lets partayyyy 
Lor Harlus bridge - photo credit Terry 
The rain clouds around the evening threaten to wash out the event but we were very lucky. Pungol/lor harlus remained clear and cooling for us to do the life paint trial. 
 30 brave riders joined me at Lor Harlus at 8pm to try out the reflective paint.  It was made even more special with Terry joining us. He is a fellow designer at my work place Dell and would be going back to his home town Taiwan. Its good to finally show him a bit of our country. Hope you will come back again Terry!

Terry from Taiwan coming to experience the LCSG magic
After explaining the collaboration and what had worked for me and  not. I just let the folks get on with it. Just no spraying into the eyes... the rest of the places... all ok. 
Explaining why we are doing the collab
Its coming to Xmas, u can use this template done by Darren.... 

To make it more fun, I also created a few cardboard templates for the riders.  
Every one were really getting into it. Spraying at their clothes, shoes, gloves, even the bikes! It was quite a carnival like feeling and really nice way to spend a friday evening. 
After the spraying we went to a darker area to take a "before and after shot". Photos explain the effect better and here they are. 
Painted but no light source 
Flash light and every one is like a christmas tree decoration
Looks like a nuclear radioactive substance... 
Adrian our long long distance long boarder totally painted over
Every one is so helpful. Gracie looking cool under pressure
Now my turn haha 
Artist at work 
Main road and single formation with safety distance
Mook Sum lighted up. His shoes were black....  

Rolling and chatting on the quiet stretch 
Its nice to be riding!
Then it was a nice roll to Changi village, 40 mins away. As we rode, we could see the life paint "blinking" to the lights and its pretty visible.  We chatted as we rode, talking about every thing under the moon.  The cooling weather made it very pleasant and we gathered our bikes at the Changi village POSB atm.  
The folks went about for their night snack, some a full meal and some just a drink. 
Breaktime and dessert!
Lets tuck in!

relax and chat over drinks

So sweet!

Lots of chatter on bikes, life and more bikes. And then we retraced our route home. 
Summary of the Life paint trial
What worked
1) The cardboard templates was really good to have, so that the effect wasn't too messy visually. It could be a lot worse.. 

2) The visibility of Lifepaint really depend on the ambient lighting conditions. In Singapore, our streets are usually very well lit. So it would not be too obvious. Until its in a dark area, that would work well
3) The carnival like feeling and laughter from this trial is great for creating more awareness on night visibility and safety for driver/cyclist. 
4) Fabrics, gloves, rough surfaces are best for Lifepaint. I am quite surprised to see a black shoe become totally white when shined upon. This is something manufacturers could totally take up to improve their products night visibility. 

Whats didn't so well 
1) The paint overspray can make it look like a halloween party. Go easy to reduce the overspray. 12278823_777197582384351_984129080890694157_n
2) Life paint cannot work on painted and smooth surfaces. It would just slide off and not keep the reflective properties
3) waiting for more feedback and to add on the list. 

Lastly, thank you Volvo Singapore and 30 brave LCSG riders to test out the Life Paint. Question.... do u want to do this again? Leave your thoughts and ideas on the comment tabs. Thanks!   

Photo Credits. The photos are provided by LCSG angels, Clarence, Kevin, William and myself. 
More photos and videos below 

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