Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The updated Mobike and Mobike lite

I like to share Mobike innovation from a hardware/bicycle perspective.  Poking around Mobike blog. Here it is in english summarised. The first gen is a nicely design, monocoque alumium frame. The drive train is encased with the rear arm.  Runs on solid tyres which do not flat and cast alum rim. Sensible side stand, simple to use lock and a controversially a non adjustable seat height. I thought it was a good compromise, given the bike is for getting around places but Mobike must have feedback from their customer base.  
The first Gen Mobike  Photo credit Mobike
They have now a newer version! Visually keeping sleek lines of the former bike. It comes now equipped with a front basket so u don't have to fumble with ur stuff, groceries. It also makes for a more pleasant riding experience.  
And tahdahhhhh.... an adjustable seat post like all normal bikes. 
I am so curious how they can make it tamper proof. If there are someone in china who happen to see this version, pls share with me. Thanks!
Updated Mobike  Photo credit Mobike 
For the budget conscious, there is also the Mobike lite. Half the price to rent. I read it was more for the suburban areas which might be more price sensitive. Ok, its no so cool from a product design perspective but I think it's still pretty neat and sensible.  What do you think? 
The Mobike lite Photo Credit Mobike 

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