Monday, January 2, 2017

Riding with Lovecycling to kickstart 2017 (Garden by the bay ride)

We welcomed 2017 by riding with the good folks of Lovecyclingsg.  What made it super special was that we didn't "Uber" nor drive to the location. We used our folding bikes from home (Punggol), made our way to the MRT, took it to Mountbatten station!  It took longer then I expected but its a very very big step for Momo and Kim! Damm proud of them!  
Some photos of action! 

Fumbling abit on the Fhon at Punggol MRT entrance... 

We got it cinched eventually 
Relaxing in the train. It was very nice and very empty. 

This is 3 foldies going for LCSG ride 
The ride was held Geylang PCN, map location is here.  We choose to do a super simple ride catered for the newbies and children, just like what we have done since 2010. If you are a parent, a rider who thinking to try riding. This route is perfect for you. 
Map link here 
The ride follows the river line and its nice and sunny. 
With the pace super slow, we could look around and chat with each other.  For myself,  I was quite focused on looking after my little one so that she doesn't get into accident on 2017 day 1. And looking back to check on kim.  So sorry if you were riding along side me and I didn't appear too chatty... I was in monitoring over load! Many thanks to Sharon and Francis for riding with Kim! 

Super cheery Hai Tang, Wei Shuan and Mel  - Photo credit Uncle KC 

Yas Son - Photo credit 

Yas riding with her son all the way from Potong Pasir - Photo Credit uncle KC 

Peggy and Pas  - Photo Credit Uncle KC 
slowly taking in the wonderful view and chatting with each other  Photo Credit Uncle KC 
Pierre and others 
Rolling as one 
LCSG with the SG skyline! 

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