Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dummy it to TKD class

Ready to roll!
Dummy is a long bike that can carry alot... I mean alot. 
I got a chance to ferry my gal to her TKD class last Sunday. We used the Surly Dummy which was very under used....  For those who is wondering what the hell u get a Dummy in Singapore... check out my link here. 
It was a nice feeling to still be able to ride it easily even when she is about 50kg. We stopped at a nearby porridge place to have a quick bite and then to Punggol Safra. 
So good. no need to cycle, just eat haha
I need to practise my selfie skill... 
The distance was about 4 km and super doable. In about 5-10 mins we reached Punggol Safra. We sang and chatted... it was very nice. 
Lock her up and lets go TKD class!
TKD starts, I can go have my coffee!
Nothing epic but I treasure this kind of micro moments with my girl.  This is how memories are made. Try it! 
Lovecycling sticker Gen 1- 2011
Dummy rides very well. 


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