Saturday, July 13, 2019

Visit to my old friend and old school 9th June 2019

Momo is now Primary 6 and very soon she will leave Pei Chun school. I wanted to do a ride to show her Toa Payoh and enjoy this special moment.  About 40 pax met at Bishan Mac and we rolled slowly towards Toa Payoh. 

Blur me, didn't check that it was still in construction and luckily I had Joanna Peck who help guide me expertly pass the road block to Toa Payoh. I led them in circles trying to find a ping pong table and so glad no one minded. After some time, we found my child hood toy horse and did the usual photography.  Also the dragon playground and toa payoh garden. 

To share with the folks, I also brought them to Philips Singapore. That was when we first started to ride in 2007. Because I like to find nice food....ask me more when we ride together.
Here's some nice photo for memories!  More photos here

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