Sunday, June 14, 2020

Speaker attachment to my other bikes

The previous entry I shared my simple mods to the BT speaker for cycling and it worked well for Brompton and I was curious to find out if it would work for my other bikes. 
As some of my friends would know, I so have quite a number of bikes and I rotate them regularly and its nice to have choices haha. 
This is my latest addition, a 1985 trek 520 and it rides really smooth and heavy as an anchor.  

Rare extra small trek... made in US, Wisconsin! 
Kinda of angled to ur head, for better sonic staging 
Here's how the BT speaker could be mounted to the handle bar, angled to the head direction for better sound and no need to crank up the volume. 
The front pouch holds my phone and coin pouch
Cycling with the 90.5 oldies tune playing in the background is really therapeutic. I got into a steady rhythm, sang like an idiot and before i know it. I was at Changi Village, the halo ground for all cyclists in Singapore.  Ordered a sugarcane drink but sadly cannot sit down at the hawker centre due to the COVID situation (Or I would have order more food haha)... took a break before I head back to punggol.  

This is how it looks at the usually thriving hawker center... Due to Covid19, no eating on site

it was abit late and uncle almost closing his shop at 9ish

gan pai! 
I also tried it on my recumbent and it works! This is one of the most effective mods I done and I am very happy with it. Now I think the speaker not so good and the sound breaks up somewhat, what would u recommend to have a more tonal and generally more awesome BT speaker? And what would u like to see more on my blog? Let me know and leave ur comments on my blog or FB Thanks! 

See how the bamboo allows the effective velcro strapping? 

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