Sunday, July 19, 2020

Stripped to the basics

John showing how its like in Singapore 
A friend shared his observation on bicycles. The purely"function" type which is usually left chained on the barriers. Perhaps it was even  "stolen" and resold.  Used 24/7, rain or shine, as a form of practical transport in Singapore.  Dirty, beaten, rusty and just hacked to work, at times.
Strictly for getting around. Not like a "sport" and the recreational sports type, hi tech carbon fibre ferraris (nothing wrong and I actually fall into this group but in the Steel category haha). 
And it made me reflect... 
latest tech and innovation 
In our "modern" ways, there are always the latest innovations of sorts, claiming better shifting performance and better tech.   
For Cycling industry, it is what drives sales. Add in the Tour de france races, where many super fit riders go about in amazing speed  for weeks with uber cool bikes. Where winning can definitely generate huge sales in the showroom. 
We can many replicating it on local scene with the winning teams color scheme as well... maybe not as fast but still impressive. Hey, everyone loves a winner don't they? 

As the industry innovate,  it also tend to have issues on compatibility and confusion. So many standards on the BB, wheels size, brakes, hubs, shifters, gravel bikes (I tot we had MtB for the longest time) and what not. For those who love bikes, its just so amazing to be in this time and age.... 
But ever considered for a moment, that those who are to start cycling... it might be a tad just too much techno babble that can cheese off and discourage to even start to cycle.... 
What??? 200 pounds for a carbon handle bar?? Are we mad?
This feather baby here close to 200 pounds. 
Then I see another approach from a small org. 
They don't have much resources and naturally not much talked about. Their idea is based on simplicity and recycling. 
What if we can make a shifter with min. part, using recycled material which is discarded?   
I feel this type of initiatives deserves more eyeballs,  support and this is why I reshare this again on my blog. 
Send them a note of encouragement, or maybe start an initiative in ur neighbourhood to give old things new life!

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