Monday, November 22, 2010

another nice ride with friends

Raise ur hands if u have a good time!! Photo by Francis Chu
24 cycling friends turned up at Botanical Gardens today and as usual.. many different rides and wheel sizes.  We had Henry with his super duper Recumbent, some fixies, roadies, MTB, some Dahon, Brompton ,MTB, and 2 red Carrymes!  It was quite a sight riding in formation with a motley crew of bikes and most importantly of all,  friends being made and chatting over their bike parts and also looking strangely at the red Carrymes... "sure or not can ride ah???"
Adid and Matt chatting ..TW will be soooo shacked later... hahhaha

"sure or not can ride?" 

Along the way to Margaret drive, we met a very big and dead Python and it  caused the group to break contact. I  had to backtrack and find the lost sheep... and they taking photos of the poor dead snake!!!.. and yes,it was a real big one.. 
A big and very dead snake
The most noisy table... hehee
We then had kopi and breakfast at Margret drive. Pls go there asap as I was talking to the stall owner... the market will stop operation come Feb next year. Some stores already closed.  Oh, do go to 2nd floor and try the Guo tie (gyzoa)... it is very very very good.

Farwell my Queentown bowling centre..... I will remember u!

We also have a nice group shot at Queenstown bowling centre where I used to go quite often in my poly days.. and now it just sits there, abandoned, and waiting to be demolished.  After getting our bellies topped up with nice popiah, carrot cake and coffee...everyone was still fresh so we headed towards Tiong Baru estate. Reaching there, I chose an urban technical obstacle course route for the team and it was funny to see how the riders navigated the path and  ride along the very tight alley ways and turns. Cool! Sorry guys.. I couldnt help it... :)  
Doing a lap around Tiong Baru, we went to yet to another location.. this time Tanjong pagar Station and we had a nice cool drink at the station plattform.  Also some minor drama with the security where we ....that was quite interesting. Looking at the train station, I wonder if this will be the last time I see it in the original fa├žade. 
Nice ride with great company… roll on!

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  1. Yes, another good rides indeed. I was thinking if you are going to appear with the CarryMe! Maybe you can write another post on yr experience with the little bike.

  2. yes yes!! i wanna hear ur review too!!! :-)

  3. TW. Curious... Was the CM able to keep up with the gang? Al :)

  4. Hello bro Al, we went slow as there was newer riders and no prob at all. I lead the way so it was hilarious to see a carry me in the front with 25 ther bikes at the rear.

  5. Haha! My friend Paul once rode a CM Dual speed and outran a Dahon Speed Pro along ECP. As much as the hype abt the technology of bikes, I believe its the engine la thats most impt for speed. :)