Friday, November 26, 2010

Yokohama bay area....

Full solid day of meeting at the supplier place and when it was over, I zipped off with the trusty Carryme, using instructions from Takenouchi san...  to explore some parts of Yokohama bay...Started from Yokohama station, I headed to the bay area where there was a gigantic ferris wheel. The lighting on the ferris wheel was really bright and changes with times. Seems like a popular area for both locals and tourists alike. Later at night, it drizzled and put a damper to my ride.. and it was cold!  Lucky with wheels, I can find train stations quickly and went back to Shinagawa where I was staying. Yokohama seems like a nice place, and I hope I will be back soon. Here are some snaps to capture the moment.

more photos here...
Carryme with Big ferris wheel
Red Brick warehouse
nice and peaceful

Having dinner with Carryme at the local food court


  1. I like the photo where the saddle in STARRING at the ramen! I also hungry!

  2. Nice photos! It looks like you and your Carryme made the most of your short time in Yokohama! Hope you have a chance to return someday.

    If any of your readers are visiting Yokohama and would like to rent a Carryme to ride while sightseeing in Japan, I have a few Carrymes available to rent. For more information, feel free to contact me at:

  3. hello James, yes and it was great even though I have quite a short time to explore the beautiful bay area... have shared with my friends on ur rental offers.. keep in touch!