Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brompton @ Pertain road

Supposed to spend a day to ride along the Train tracks but life is always present in different manner. My gal was sick and sniffling.. so mission abort and went to see Doc. After that,  I went to Diginexx to have my Brompton checked by the man himself, Steven Lim,  SG Brompton guru. My Brompton headset was abit loose, he helped tighten it in a jffy and gave my bike a look over.... good to roll!  The next appointment was like an hour away.... no problem. i am on a bike! Pottering around little india , waiting for my wife. Found this nice spots of old SG which I like to share. Lovely is it?  More photos here 
Yes, the railway tracks and train station will be gone... you know, but there are still many old spots in Singapore. Like ur very own kopi-tiam and aunty who sell poh piah... go lah kopi and savour the feeling.  Chat a little to the aunty and remember their stories, cuz this are the most difficult history to keep. ... ..........
Old building meets old bike... just like old friends
Retro design... they don't make them like this anymore
Traditional 5 footway

Crumbling buildings.. wonder how have lived in here? 


  1. Hi, Taiwoon! What kind of grips do you have on your brompton? Were they the exact fit or did you have to cut them short? Where can I get them in SG? Thanks.

  2. hello Kris, I use Ergon GC2. Stock. No need to cut as I replace the Bromptonn brake levers to Shimano..
    more infor here..

    I got them online... I think u can get them at Soon watt

  3. Thanks, Taiwoon! I will check your other post!