Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why a foldie? This is another reason why...

trial test to fit the bikes into the van
papa mike putting his dear Dahon...
Full house
This means we can just seat back and enjoy the scenery!!! yayyy
brompton sitting nicely in front of me.. + point for Brompton
nice to just sitting and not pedalling for a while.... Ken smiling!
On our Mekong ride, we managed to cramped 8 adults(including driver), with 7 folding bikes and panniers into a 9 seated van for our way back to Nong Chiang.  Friends, I tell u.. this can only be achieved with foldies...... As they say, a photo tell a thousand words.


  1. Plus driver, 8 folks! Yes as Kevin said, foldies rock when it comes to situations like this.

  2. @Kevin and Bro AL...yes, this was when I was so glad we were riding folding bike. Without foldies... it would be an long long ride back... when the van came, I was not sure it would all fit... but it did!