Friday, March 15, 2013

A heart of gold

Pay it forward. A spontaneous act of kindness which just made me smile.  A heart of gold. Is it really possible in Singapore? Well, I just saw one. The names have been changed (Mr Angel want to be steath) but this is based on a recent encounter in Singapore via facebook.
Kenny is a school boy who doesn't have much spare cash. He meets a cyclo-group who takes him into their fold, mentoring this young chap. Sharing cool cycling tips, safety notes. They ride together and the friendship grows with every ride.
Kenny is growing fast and as a teenager he feels invincible. We have all been there before. Nothing can hurt us, ride like the wind and chiong chiong chiong. Some of the old birds will nag, with all good intention for his safety.
Then I saw this particular thread. "There is a unused bicycle at the void deck, tied on the bicycle rack. Rusted and not used. can I just cut and use it...?"  Warning bells rang and a flurry of posting -  "no and don't do it".  Later in the thread...  "Don't do it. I pass u a bicycle. Its a old one but it works" someone posted.
A very very special ride 
The next day, I saw a mega watt smile of  Kenny on a old racer. He is beaming and raving on the bicycle.
Mr Angel just stayed in the shadows. Over a personal pm, he revealed he just wanted Kenny to be in the correct path and not do something he will regret for his life. This is his small way to fullfill a teenage dream. He is just a normal folk, want to just help out. Heart a bit pain as it was his favorite bicycle.
Thank you Mr Angel. For such a nice deed and giving from the heart. You have a heart of gold.


  1. God bless Mr Angel! Using our things to bless people truly is the way to go la... thanks for sharing TW.

    1. Bro Al, sharing that there is indeed kindness and Angels everywhere.