Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Berenda and LCSG ladies lead the way ride 10March 2013

The ride was on 10th March 2013. The route was from Labrador park Mrt meeting point -- Hort park -- Crossing over the bridge -- Labrador Berlayer wet land- Kepple bay(most expensive spot in SG) -- Makan spot- Telok Banglah hill - Henderson wave - Mt Faber and back to Labrador park
It was special because it was Berenda first time leading a ride. I know she was nervous as hell, even after recce-ing the route 4 times over the last few weeks.
Supporting her was LCSG Queens like Mary and Kimi. And of course the pillar of strength Steven Tang and quite a few LCSG.  We were going to make it work and the ride went beautifully. The hills make sure we worked hard for the breakfast and had plenty of laughs groaning up the slopes.
I am constantly reminded how little we know our own backyard. This ride is a good example. We visited the Henderson wave which is a must go place.
Thank you Berenda, LCSG Queens (Mary, Kimi), Angels and Steven Tang for a sunday wonderful ride!
More Photos here for download
Berenda Lim 
Ride briefing by Berenda and Steven Tang before the ride 

Doesn't matter road bike, Foldie, Brompton or Dahon. We all ride as one. 
Alvin and Poh Choo 
Nice elevated bridge. Walking above vegetation!
Greening of Singapore. I like and I hope more will be done. But sometimes it also means leaving it as is. 
nice and quiet... until we came haha
Just fishin'
Rollin slowly
Supposely the Dragon rock.. 
@ Keppel Bay. Very Atas area. Looking like Florida
Toys for boys. This one floats
Q-ing for food. This is the lor mee we all raved about... 
Thumbs up from resident food guru Steven Tang and his prince. 
After makan, we huff and puff again
shiok shiok.. 
Cannot go up slope.. push lor.. its all cool!
minor riot when hunk came... 
LCSG Ladies! They can ride one. Dun play play
LCSG family shot @ Henderson Wave

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