Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cycling paths for towns. Tampines leads the way!

I saw this posting on MP Irene Ng Facebook wall. Yes, it felt a bit "self promotional" but taking another view, it sure does help improve the overall cyclebility in Tampines. 
It makes me happy that cycling is being embraced as an alternative way to get around. Sure there will be issues but everything new will have their problems. I sincerely hope beyond Tampines,more towns will adopt the best practices from Tampines. That's what MP Irene Ng posted. Have a look and really like to hear your views.
MP Irene Ng cycling with the residents 
L-R  LTA Mr Chew, MP Irene Ng, Dr Faisal 

"Promoting cycling also benefits those who do not cycle. How? When residents ride the bicycle instead of driving a car, they reduce the number of cars on the road. This means less traffic, less parking problems, cleaner air and a greener environment for all.
When residents cycle instead of taking the feeder buses, they reduce the congestion on buses. This means a more pleasant journey on buses and with shorter waiting times for commuters. Other benefits are: A healthier population and a more sustainable town.
Since Tampines was officially declared Singapore’s first cycling town in 2010, after a two-year trial, we have made much progress.
We improved our cycling infrastructure, stepped up on our enforcement of errant cyclists, and promoted safe cycling through our volunteer cycling wardens and Tampines Cycling Club. Cycling has indeed become a convenient way of getting about within the neighbourhood.

Every day I look around Tampines and I see more and more residents cycling to the market, to the coffeeshops, to the MRT station, to schools and parks. Many use bicycles for short daily errands. They include housewives, the elderly and students.
An increasing number is also taking to cycling for sport and recreation, cycling to Pasir Ris Park or the parks in other towns using the park connector network.
A big thank you to residents in Tampines for supporting this bold vision of becoming a model cycling town in Singapore."
MP Irene Ng

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