Friday, June 21, 2013

Hazy day in Singapore and cycling to work

Looking out of Dell DSG(International Business park)  - PSI 371 
On our way to Fusionpolis.. .this is the CBD area in smoky air
Wifey had urgent meeting to attend in the office.. and it was damm hazy. The official record is 111 but I think the metering might be faulty. Felt like 300 or more. It smelt of burnt charr wood once I open my doors. So to reduce exposure for her, I drove her to office and went to Dell office which is nearer then going back to my home at Punggol. Work from office until I get "recall notification" from her. ...
Anway, this is how it looks from my usual parking spot to office.
Pandan Loop PCN 
I am not a doctor so what I say don't count medically. But it is all common sense!
Avoid exposure to haze. If you really need to be out, please wear a N95 mask to protect yourself.
It will be hard to breath, naturally. But think about it, at least the particles are on the filter matter and not your lungs. And for those arguing what mask to wear, get them, just wear them, as much as you can. Even indoors. My friend who had laser particle measurement equipment was sharing with me at home, sealed windows and aircon running, the air particle count is roughly 15% better the the outside air.  There are quite alot of the minute particles which are still floating around....
From the MET folks, it seems the haze will be here to stay till Sept/Oct. For those who can't tahan(stand) not cycling. Wear a mask, and take it really slow, control breathing.
in haze condition... Pedal slowly...
Totobobo mask
@ Dell office
Filter material graying after half hour exposure to the haze

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