Friday, September 5, 2014

Bike to work – Dennis Cheong's way

Dennis works at Clinical and imaging research centre(NUH) and he been cycle commuting for a few years. 
He has also been featured in Razor TV on cycling issues in Singapore. He clarified that for the effect of the program he was asked to wear office clothes which he doesn't during the commute.  This is his story. 
Dennis with his MTB urban ninja bike . Scroll down all the way to see more info
Screen grab from Razor TV 
Talking about the issues for cycling on Singapore roads 
My trip is between Toa Payoh and NUH, on multiple routes depending on mood, time, weather, and mostly, the traffic light colour when I reach a junction. (See heat map attached) I should say that I am "lucky" as Toa Payoh is very near the geographical centre of Singapore. I mainly ride on the roads (no PCN between these two places) but nowadays I try to use quieter and wider lane roads and don’t mind climbing stairs (thanks to the lighter bicycle weight).
I have been using a Tern Link C7 stock folding bicycle with fenders since Apr 2013. Attire is sandals, Bermuda, Uniqlo Airism with a luminous colour with reflective stripes safety vest. Changing, simple “showering” and rinsing cum “turbo” initial drying of shirts in one of the many fully equipped wheelchair friendly toilet. Further drying with the help of a USB fan.
Crucial items to me are a spectacles frame mounted Peddler Take-a-Look rear view mirror, a simple jockey cap, a USB rear light (always on) and a battery rear light, a USB head light (always on) and a simple battery head light, two phones serving as front and rear cameras, a simple hand pump, some Allen keys, a spanner, a Phillips head screwdriver, a bamboo clothe peg and some plastic bags.
My bicycle commuting started small, in 1995 for short commute between Clementi West and NUS Science Faculty. Traveling full trips wasn’t the initial intention, but an accidental discovery when I rode from Clementi to Tanjong Pagar and realized that on a 24” hard MTB, it took me only 45 minutes! Since then, cycling has become my main travel mode in normal attire. My previous main commute bike is a 26” old school hybrid that is still around. Some previous bike to work destinations are TTSH, NTU (only once weekly and in PT attire), TJC, TP, NYP, RVHS@West Coast, and Peace Centre.
Here is Dennis ultimate urban ninja commuting bike to minimise theft. I think that extremely creative and practical. :)
You can also find more commuting ideas via a group which he setup here  
Rust is real, not painted on or decorative. It helps to blend into environment
Soft PU slippers help to give addition cushioning and visually demoralise any ideas 
He simply oils the chain ONCE in a year... and it still keeps on going

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  1. I am most impressed by Dennis idea of a losable bike, which in reality, very hard to lost.