Wednesday, September 24, 2014

E Scooter issue in Singapore

Photo from Tandem Lim
Sounds you can buy it... and ride around your living room. Not. 
I also chatted to several E scooter users and they are just using this to help make the traffic connection better. 
Examples quoted were zipping to the Mrt from home rather than waiting for the feeder bus. OR... skipping public transport completely if your workplace is 5 km away. 
Walking in our climate will make u look like drenched monkey but with a E scooter OR a bicycle... those distances are easily achievable. 
I know and I have heard that Singapore is going to have a better transport system by 2020. But before that comes, people still have to work and they WILL find creative solutions to make their commute easier. 
Banning it is a just a typical top down approach without understanding the perspectives on the ground. Yes, safety is important too but banning it outright means those folks who bought the E Scooter now have an expensive toy that they can parade at home.  
Photo from John Tan

Photo from John Tan


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