Thursday, February 12, 2015

How Japanese folks bring their road bikes into the subway

We all know folding bikes are easy to multi mode travel. That is, cycle abit and perhaps take a train to a further place. Deploy the folding bike and explore abit.
However with a road bike it's almost unheard of to do so in Singapore. In Japan, this is quite normal. I saw that its possible in Japan and the 2 video shows you how to pack your road bike and take the train.

On the SG train
Francis Chu is like the only person I see bringing a full size bike into MRT in SG


  1. I do it all the time with my road bike here in Japan. I have another bag that I don't even need to remove the rear wheel with. I just make sure to hold it upright in order not to take up too much space during heavy commuting hours. With a carbon frame its lighter then carrying around my notebook!

    1. Thats awesome even in commuting hour!!! Some times, its an ego thing for SG road riders. Perhaps is also not known to them that is possible. This is why I share stuff like this out.