Thursday, February 5, 2015

SingaPlural 2015 Installation Art piece for SG 50, with wheels naturally :)

I was invited by my friend Bacus to participate in SFIC (Singapore Furniture Industries) SingaPlural event 2015.
For those who don't know about him. Bacus is one person I respect greatly for his passion and action for Singapore Design. So I agreed to do it without second thought.  2015 had also an added meaning due to SG 50. That is our country, Singapore is 50!
With a theme being "Connecting the Dots and Process" it was quite difficult initially to come up with ideas. I took quite some time and asked myself what would be a good statement for SG50 and the SG design environment. 

I looked at Art history for inspiration... and the iconic Bicycle wheel by Marcel Duchamp came up. I was really intrigued... Is this Art????? What Marcel Duchamp did in 1913 was to challenge just that. What IS Art? Why should art just be about beautiful painting.. or "Retinal" art as the master said. He simply took ready made items and displayed them as ART. I guess it is to provoke critical thinking and open discussions. I thought that was really amazing. This is way in 1913... thats more than 100 years. Can you imagine the out roar it must have been then.  
This was what inspired me. I named it "Ode to Duchamp". You will know why when you see it come Early March. This art installation, you can touch. 
Oh yes, we will ride down with Lovecyclingsg folks to see all the amazing and interesting design exhibits  and installation.
Pray for me I can make it work:)  



  1. Much appreciated your thought and endless efforts to make it happened! Cheers for you!