Sunday, May 10, 2015

Man Cave and why

I saw this awesome video on the internet. It showed a gentleman who grew up not able to afford anything. In his words, "my parents told me, this is your hobby if u want to have cooler stuff. You buy it with your own money".  He worked at some bike shop and collected all the stuff that they threw up that was didn't make the grade. Over time, he collected many bits of bike history or "crap: as his wife would called it. And the man cave started developing. 
I really like the part where he kept it as it is. The character of the bike that had the dings and scratches on them. Someone actually used the bike and many of them didn't work as well as it should.
This isn't a pristine collection of bikes,  it is just the everyday, the oddball and creative ideas. I also love the fact he wrote down the details of the bike, whom it was from and what worked what didn't.
Quite a collection!
It reminded myself of Chris Wee and George Kee. Perhaps it will inspire them to greater heights haha. Go go Man cave!
And with so much stuff he decided to do some bike art which looked really awesome. 
Hmmm... I think I should get a TIG welder and learn how to weld....:)My bike room is also slowly morphing into the first phase of man cave... haha this is my inspiration! 
Hey Neighbour - Steve Mitchell's Bike Collection from on Vimeo.

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