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Nixs Zhuo Cycling story and profile

This is Nixs. He is one of the LCSG angels you see on sunday rides. A very humble, helpful and funny guy who helps out on the rear sweep or position himself at the key junctions so that the fellow riders will not get lost. 
He does it effortlessly and with a big smile. I am so glad to share his cycling story. Read on! 

Nixs rolling on with his sleeper MTB. You have to try his tricked out bike to be amazed!
Hi I am nixs, coming to 46 yo this year. I started cycling at around 3 to 4 years old, i know before going kindergarden i already can cycle without trainer wheels. 
Thats me!

Also maybe my grandma has a big land then..when i mean huge is huge..3/4 football pitch size at has become 12 semi detached house..old address was jalan angin laut. Shift to bedok south in 1976 and my dad bought me another bicycle..joker. This old bicycle number plate was tagged to the joker. Joker is a kind of bike (confirmed with Nixs) 
photo credit.. internet
My own bike plate 

Then the craze on bmx around 1982...bought a taiwan replica of kuwahara..did a stupid act of cycling that bicycle into the sea of bedok rusted soon after..saved up money to get kuwahara kz84
Photo credit -
For the polytechnic time, I  didnt cycle but jog a lot.  
After army, I joined SIAEC as apprentice aircraft engineer and started cycling again on roadbike and also fond out that my fellow friend koh also into cycling.  
while we were young!

Nixs and Koh cycle kaki after all this years!
He was same batch as me and we found time to cycle after going home from work. We would change and do coastal almost as often as we can and chill out at bedok jetty till just before last light disappear. 
Soon we all passed out as aircraft engineer in 1996 and I turn to mountain biking. That was where I discovered there were many hidden nice scenery in Bukit Timah!
I did lots of MTB-ing from 1996 to around 2002. We went to  Pengarang almost every 2 months. Back then Pengarang have a lot of kampong around. It was fun and lots of shops to have coffee breaks all the way to sungei ringgit.
We usually stayed at Ramunia..6 km further away from pengarang

This was the mtb i use from 1996 to around 2002..still with me but I pass to another friend to use.
The original Badass ride
The new Vmax
Cool sportster

From 2002 to 2009. I stopped cycling cause was I was very  involved on motorcycle touring malaysia and thailand
From togopart i got to know i waited until lcsg ride came to punggol
First time i join..remember that time got someone conducted a laughing exercise(that's Eddie) 
I felt LCSG is friendly and carefree group with not so much politics so i join LCSG ride as often as my work shift pattern allows

Then i found myself suddenly in core planning group of lcsg..i also dont know who added me i thought ok..if from so many cyclists i get picked to be core team...i might as well do a good job as core team.

Nixs and his hooligan 
My favorite bicycle is the Hooligan. I get asked all the time why the fork is one sided. Does it ride funny? :) 
LCSG riders come and go. Some join because they are new and needed guidance. Some join and and form their own groups...and left. That's ok.
Some felt LCSG too slow ride for them after they became fitter. But you will also see many strong riders are still within LCSG.  It's because of the community spirit and there will always be new riders that need a helping hand to get them started on cycling.  LCSG is a good platform.
What I noticed is for other groups if you cant match their style of riding or speed. You get drop and left out.. 

Taiwoon: That was awesome sharing! Any parting words of advice to riders? 
Nixs: Cycling can be a group or individual sport. You don't have to follow a group if you are not comfortable. Cycle alone can itself be rewarding as well. Just cycle lah! 

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