Thursday, December 31, 2015

Punggol waterway with Momo 30th Dec 2015

ok daddy.... let's go.
Momo ready for a ride to the park with her new scooter.  
End of the year and its a good time to clear leave, spend time with the little rascal. Momo got a new skate scooter as the old one broke(by me when I tried to stand on it...don,t ask) and its just the time to deploy Dummy. If you are looking for more local singapore content on Dummy. Here's mine for ur "research":) 
A close up on the side bag which can also serve as a carrier for bicycles, scooter and what not. Just get creative.  More photos of the ride here. 

unbuckle the clip, put the scooter in, clip and cinch tie the strap. Very easy

Part of the punggol waterway . Notice the buildings are up on the secondary water canal  towards direction of Coney island
Nice surrounding with a gentle breeze. And its free!

One of the reasons we moved to Punggol was to have the kids be near their cousins and also the attraction of the much talked about amenities (not built then) - The Punggol waterway PCN.
This was an entry I did on 2010 on the Punggol waterway and looking forward to the day it was ready.
5 years later, still a fair bit of construction going on. But its now a great place to ride, to skoot, to run or just a nice slow walk. 

She skoot and I just follow
strong kick!
I am really very happy to be living near to the Punggol waterway and its a great place to relax. 
We also saw a new "bird cage" playground along the PCN. It looks pretty cool. 
can also serve as lockup for naughty kids...

Interesting public playground
Tunnels to scaper around, all kids do
We also went past the almost completed Punggol Safra. The water pool area is crazy fun. I have a feeling it would be a very big hit with the folks. 
Almost ready!!
Then we just skooted and rolled along. For kids, 1/2 hr is quite enough and she wanted a ride on the Dummy. Daddy power. No problem and thats what its for. We ended up at the kids water play area. Lots of kids running around, screaming. We were prepared and packed additional set of clothes, so off she ran straight into the sprinklers.
Dummy is the ultimate family SUV bike

Lots of kids, nice one Nparks!

all the skooting makes u hot... lets cool down.
stepping on the water spouts and making a mess. Its ok, its just water!
Big kid and small kid
After goofing around, we dried ourselves and headed home. Mummy is on the way home, bringing dinner. Simple time but priceless memories.  
Goodbye 2015. Thank you for all the good, fun, bad, tough, sad times.  Come 201, lets remember to treasure whats truly important. Family, friends, good health and happiness.  

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