Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tool board made from scrap timber planks

It's the end of the year and time for spring cleaning. Man, there's really a lot of stuff to de-clutter and clear up. I spent the last week at home doing just that and the good thing is that many of the families are doing this too! This is also a good time to spot some useful "stuff" for re-purposing(collect and keep it in the most unobstructive, visually pleasing manner so as not to piss off missus) .
This is a much delayed project which I wanted to do for sometime. Essentially it was made from 2 planks I found in the bin and screwed together by wood screws. 

I arranged the usual tools which I used often and hammer in in some nails (to hold them in place). This is how it looked and as you can see, Momo is helping me get it done. I like this hack as it makes the bike spot cleaner and easier to use the tool. And makes u look really good reusing something that was thrown away. Why not try this some day? 

The wooden planks I got from the bin....really can't see good wood go to waste 
Hammer in the nails to hold and use permanent marker to line out the tool position
Momo helping to outline the tools and while u work... take out the helmets 
Its done! Just lean on a wall. 

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