Thursday, July 22, 2010

last parts of a old boat jetty and other sights @ Punggol

11 July 2010
Bright and early, we met at Punggol MRT station and rode towards seletar airbase using the new route (Jalan Balrat). It is a nice and quiet stretch in ulu Punggol... This time, Francis brought his wife and son along for the ride. He also took with him a super cool air monitoring device.... and what do u know, according to the read out, the air around Punggol is quite bad... on par with Kowloon city - that's not too good if u know Hong kong... I think it must be the close proximity to Malaysia oil refining factories..  Anyway, we rode on...

Francis and his professional air metering device

We spotted this sitting on trailers parked along side the quiet road.
These are the Pre-cast bomb shelters which is a default feature of Singapore public housing. The wall thickness is about 6 inches thick, reinforced with plenty of steel rods... There are no windows and the circular feature is for ventilation.Francis's son was coughing quite badly and Francis took out his own designed mask and trim to fit. I cant believe he actually brought along scissors... but that's Francis for u. Always prepared! This is a pretty nifty mask which u can custom the fitting for the user. You can read more about it here.
It took about 10 min of continuous riding and we stopped again and looked. This location is the corner of seletar dam and seletar airbase. There is an old boat jetty which I think will be probably not be around in 1 years time. We stood there looking over the place and waters... chatting among ourselves.. so nice..wonder when all this will be like in another 1-2 years..

Snapping away... for memories sake. Singapore has undergone many changes over the years and my biggest concern is that we clear out to much, too quickly. Here are more shots of the old jetty area

  So much debris at the coast line.. like some one had a massive party and dumped all the junk into the sea.

The fish that got away..

Group shot just outside sunset bar at Seletar airbase
ahhahhah... life!


  1. Great to see u all having fun with the foldies. Is the air that bad in Punggol? Bet all the debris didnt help. Shockingly disgusting.

  2. Nice to hear from u again! well that's just from Francis air meter readout. I feel ok...but Francis son didnt feel too good. It is also sad to see how the quiet Seletar airbase area have been cut into half for redevelopment into airbases..