Monday, July 19, 2010

Visiting a old train station

Meet up at City Hall Mac Donalds
                                                  Date of ride: 18th July 2010

Meet up with my regular riding kakis, Francis and Tah Ching at City hall early sunday morning. We rode along the Padang which is the place for the 2010 NDP and snooped around. Following that, it was a normal ride past the CBD to the old dame. The Tanjong Pagar Train station. It is slated to be renovated come August... so come and see before all the "real deal" disappears.

how har? like that can or not? 

la fixie graphics
big installation

Some roadies in a rush to somewhere
3 happy guys and bikes
Tanjong pagar train station!
MTB, small wheel, medium wheel...doesn't matter... as along as u ride!

gives u power!

Our new friend Farhim
la kopi and talking about anything under the sun

Woodlandz roadie group

rusted sleeper clips

getting down and capturing the memories
Forgotten crank
simple life, simple bike
snooping around the train tracks

waiting patiently to go for the next journey


  1. Love your artistic pic of the forgotten crank! Its outstanding. Glad you went out riding with your buddies and had a super time!

  2. thank u! am glad u like it. I spotted the crank lying at a corner of the step... and I wanted to remember it. We had a easy ride and take pictures....slowly :)..

  3. Mengru (Cally, Creative)July 20, 2010 at 4:53 PM

    I can't believe I found your blog by reading another biking blog! Share your routes leh!

    I got my foldie a few months back, have been cycling to work. :))

  4. hello Cally, congrats on ur foldie! Well, check my blog lor... where did u read about me? Should ride around JTC to eat bar ku teh.. I work just opposite Creative :)...facebook me :)

  5. i happened to swing by another blog and you commented on that. so i thought i'd just see if it's you. :P

    not alot of people called taiwoon you know. JTC got bak kut teh?? wah. i must go and see!