Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bike to work, Swee Chay

Smiling and abit sweaty.. but definitely a healthy choice!
Cycling to work seems to be a very foreign concept in Singapore. But I know it is changing... helped of course by the sky high COE and increasingly unreliable public transport....
I was pleasantly surprised to meet Swee Chay at the traffic junction while I walked from IMM carpark(yes, I am sad pathetic guy who drives.. dude.. I stay in Punggol and have to drop my kid.. what do u think??) to my workplace at Dell IBP.
Swee Chay has recently been mixed commuting(cycle and jog) to work. His choice of bike is the normal Carrefour bicycle with a big basket on the front. It is not pretty but it certainly works. Looking at his smiles, I think he is making a damm good choice! Ride on sir!
MTB equipped with fenders front and rear plus a big basket
"Tar Glamm" ?? But it bloody hell works! 
Green man and he poodles along.. look at those leg muscles! 

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