Thursday, February 7, 2013

LCSG servicing workshop @ Punggol

Folks helping out Lovecyclingsg community to make the steel horses we ride safe and in tip top condition.  Not by a theory lesson but a live "getting their hands dirty" approach which we find works better.

We gathered at Punggol MRT, Blk 272 multi purpose hall and practised under the supervision of George Lim and many experienced helpers.

We tackled the most commonly faced issues. One most common issue is the tyre puncture and had everyone change out/check the inner tube and reinstall them back. Lots of fumbling on the tubes and how to use the hand pump to get the tyre the right pressure.  But all agreed, it was good to learn under shade and instruction.. so that when "murphy" comes at the least expected moment... they are at least equipped with the skillset to change the tyre.

In addition, safety aspects of proper brake adjustments, gearing were covered and done by the riders themselves.  The riders also had a close look over their bicycles, checking each components (guided by the LCSG Angels) and how to look out for impending trouble. 

It was an awesome effort and done in a very LCSG Kampong style. Lots of sweat, dirty hands and grease but every one was smiling. Love it!

Many thanks to Encik George Lim, Keng Yong, Alvin Wong, Khairul, Keng Yong, Stanley Kum, Vince li, Zack, Steve Tan, Uncle KC and Steven Tang for helping teach the folks.

More photos here
Folks helping folks! 
Ming tian helping out Cindy 
Main lecturer and demostrater. Encik George sharing and demoing what to do and look out for
Steve sharing the finer points on Derailuer adjustments
Keng Yong helping a fellow rider out
I do, I learn. Confirm!

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